Don’t Let a Diet Ruin the Holidays!!!


By Chad Nicholls, Executive Editor

During this time of year, there is never a shortage of self-glorified gurus and experts out there giving you advice on how to “survive” the holidays without ruining your diet and your physique.  Truth be told, if you’ve done everything RIGHT up to this point, enjoying a holiday dinner on Christmas, New Year’s day – or whichever holiday you celebrate – is NOT going to wreck your physique or your diet.

Nothing spoils a great holiday gathering faster than the one jackass who makes everyone feel uneasy or guilty for eating a fantastic celebratory meal by thinking it’s cool to bring their Tupperware container of chicken, fish and potato to the feast!  Again, one holiday meal will not undo weeks and months of diet!  Understandably, some have to work during these holiday meals – but still the holidays run until January 1.  While a contest prep or maintaining your waistline is important – remember – family is the most important!  Be sure to enjoy a great meal of fun holiday foods with your friends and family!  There is plenty of time in the other 50 weeks of the year (or during a contest prep) to make up for a good holiday meal.  Remember, calories can be burned off……but holiday memories last a lifetime.  (Got any good holiday desert recipes?? Send them to me.  Kim and I love to bake!!!)

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