Q.  What is the DigitalMuscle.com Blogosphere?

A.  DigitalMuscle.com is a unique platform that showcases opinions and insight from qualified and influential industry insiders & personalities – a powerful way for contributors to reach a diverse audience of serious fitness & bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Q.  How is someone selected to be a contributor?

A.  Our editorial staff reviews applicants based on certain key criteria.  Proposed bloggers should meet general quality standards and should have an established reputation. If you’re an expert in your field, let us know.  If you’re a strong writer, we want to hear from you.  If you’re someone with fresh, original ideas, drop us a line!  To put it simply, the Digital Muscle blogosphere thrives on QUALITY and the ability to present opinions and ideas in an intelligent, interesting, creative, respectful and non-insulting manner.

Q.  What type of material is accepted?

A.  Written and Video content are both welcome here.  Our visitors arrive each day in search of intelligent, thought provoking opinions, ideas, research, inspiration, or just good old-fashioned insight.  Articles should be brief (200-700 Words).  New workout techniques, diet strategies, a review of your favorite muscle magazine, opinions about the Mr. Olympia contest, or maybe you disagree with laws governing sports supplements.  Have you discovered a new trend in ab-training? Are you an expert in Kettle Bell training?  Is Grass Fed Whey Protein really better?  Is there a new hardbody in Hollywood that we need to know about?  The topics are endless!

Q.  How does my article or video get promoted?

A.  Digital Muscle makes a significant commitment to promotion and marketing.  Various advertising strategies, social media, press release campaigns, and strategic alliances have been formed to ensure that you and YOUR articles are seen by as many readers as possible.  Keep in mind, many of the Digital Muscle contributors are popular, respected members of the fitness & bodybuilding community, with large social media followings.  When THEIR followers visit DigitalMuscle.com, they’re also introduced to YOUR articles and opinions.  That’s the EXPOSURE POWER of a thriving Blogosphere!

Q.  What happens when I’m accepted as a content provider?

A.  The first thing we do is set you up with your own page.  The page includes your brief bio, photo and contact info so our visitors can reach you. The page also serves as the home for all of your submissions.  Selected bloggers are also given a presence on our home page.

Q.  How do I get started?

A.  Contributor inquiries should be sent to media@DigitalMuscle.com – please include brief background info, a summary of the type of material you’d like to provide, examples of previous content (if applicable) and how frequently you’d like to contribute.  Be sure to include your contact info.

Digital Muscle Media Inc reserves the right to reject any applicant or submission. If you’re interested in covering fitness/bodybuilding events, please note that our event coverage is reserved for IFBB and NPC sanctioned events.