A Speech for the Ages – Jim Lorimer’s 90th Birthday Address

By Dan Solomon

Last weekend I had the rare privilege of celebrating a very special 90th birthday.  The night belonged to Jim Lorimer, the iconic co-creator of the Arnold Classic, one of the most influential living members of the global fitness community.

This was no ordinary celebration. The guest list was nearly as extraordinary as the man himself.  They travelled to Ohio’s capital city from around the world to celebrate a man revered by so many – Tony Doherty journeyed from Australia, Rafael Santonja made the trip from Spain, Albert Busek flew in from Germany, and some guy named Arnold boarded a jet from an undisclosed location to share the evening with his long time business partner and trusted friend.

What I’ll remember most from the evening…

After a series of tributes from friends and family, the birthday boy stepped to the podium and delivered a speech, captivating the room of more than 300 invited guests.  For twenty-three unforgettable minutes Jim told stories, inspired us, enlightened us, and made us laugh.  It was one of the most well crafted speeches many of us had ever heard.  He nailed it.

I’d like to thank the entire Lorimer family for allowing me to participate in a night I won’t soon forget.  And I’ll ask that you take a moment, tune out any distractions, and watch the replay of Jim’s speech.  You’ll be glad you did.

Video Courtesy of Classic Productions

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