Digital Muscle Update!

By Dan Solomon

Dwayne Johnson and Dan Solomon

Hey Guys!  Been a while since I’ve had a chance to sit down and write something for my blog.  The focus around here at is on expansion and we’ve had ourselves a productive few months.  Our days are focused mostly on evaluating new content providers and new audiences.  2016 was a big year for us.  We got things started by presenting the LIVE Arnold Classic Webcast, an event that saw record audiences view one of the year’s biggest fitness showcases right here on the new fitness media hub.  We followed that up a few months later when we presented the inaugural Fit & Flex Expo, a big fitness industry gathering that took place on Florida’s west coast.

On most days our focus is on expanding our audience and our overall reach while upholding our initial promise to deliver high-integrity, diverse content.  We were recently accepted as a content provider on the Apple News Network, a powerful publishing resource that delivers top news/media outlets directly to iPhone and iPad users.  Our inclusion in Apple’s News app is a tremendous opportunity for us to reach new audiences, much to the delight of our advertisers and our contributors.

To find us, just open the “News” app located on your Apple device and use the search feature. Type in “Digital Muscle Media” and you’ll find us listed among the channels.  Be sure to add us to your favorites!

In the coming weeks we’ll continue to solidify more distribution and syndication opportunities to ensure that we are taking full advantage of the various technologies and trends in the market – More great news for our advertisers and content providers!

In Other News: The popular PBW Bodybuilding Radio show returned to  Known for its professional format and “A-List” guests, the show began its 13th year covering the world of bodybuilding.

And finally, because you asked for it, our expanding roster of blogs now includes a Fit Recipe Blog, devoted to putting a healthy spin on some delicious recipes.  And be sure to check out our popular Research Blog, brought to you by Ironmag Labs.  This unique section of the site shines a spotlight on the various research studies that we think deserve some attention.

As we begin another year here at Digital Muscle Media, I’m excited about the opportunities and the various projects on the horizon.  If you’re interested in joining our team, as a sponsor or as a contributor, just drop us a note and we’ll see how we can work together – [email protected].

More updates coming soon…

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