New Editors Announced: A Digital Muscle Growth Report

By: Dan Solomon, Publisher

When I began working on Digital Muscle, I had no expectations.  There was no plan in place.  I sort of just started building, one brick at a time – pulling together a variety of resources.  I made a few phone calls, called in a few favors, and took a good look around – closely examining what was missing in an otherwise saturated online category.

After just two short weeks I am pleased to report that this little passion project is turning into something pretty special.  And as much as I’d like to take credit for it, the reality is that the credit goes to our rapidly growing family of content providers and editors – a powerful reminder that collaboration beats isolation every time (I’ll write about collaboration vs isolation in an upcoming blog).


Editorial Team Taking Shape

My longtime friend and colleague Chad Nicholls is on board as an Executive Editor, bringing his rare brand of in-the-trenches storytelling and insight, perspectives that have been sought out by magazine editors for years.  I’m also honored to have Dr. Douglas Kalman as our Nutrition Editor.  Doug is a legend in his field, a research scientist with an uncanny ability to turn complex concepts into practical implementation….the kind that has helped build Olympic athletes, world class bodybuilders, professional tennis stars, and top ranked mixed martial artists.  We also added legendary natural bodybuilding champion John Hansen to the team.  John will serve as our Natural Bodybuilding Editor, providing a home for one of the most passionate sub-sections of the bodybuilding community.  My good friend Max Plasencia joins us as the Lifestyle Editor, providing real world advice to achieving fitness goals, following decades of coaching men and women from around the world.  If you’re into supplements, be sure to keep an eye on Matt Samansky‘s new supplement review blog.  Matt joins us as our Supplement Review Editor – a valuable resource to any of us in search of the next breakthrough in supplementation.

The list goes on.  IFBB Professional bodybuilder Ben Pakulski, one of the most commercially successful bodybuilders in the world, has already proven to be one of Digital Muscle’s biggest attractions.  When it comes to advanced training philosophies, Ben is tough to beat.  Respected Kettlebell guru Scott Iardella has also added his name to our growing family of content providers.  Scott’s new book “The Edge of Strength” is already the talk of the Kettlebell world and he’s been writing some great stuff on his new blog here at Digital Muscle.  Former Writer of the Year Roger Lockridge also has a new blog here, and be sure to check out the inspiring articles by professional figure athlete (and mother of two) Chaundra Tangi.  Rest assured, that’s just the beginning.  Tour the site, you’ll find contributions from several unexpected sources….from all corners of the fitness community.

Our recent deal to provide the exclusive webcast for the Arnold Classic is exciting for many reasons.  It’s especially great news for our growing family of contributors as they’ll be showcasing their work in front of the largest possible audience……great news for everyone, including advertisers!

I’ll close today’s blog by thanking everyone who has reached out to support what we’re building.  Digital Muscle is built on the fundamental importance of collaboration and synergy.

Send us a note ([email protected]) and let us know how we can work together to promote your work, your brand, and your goals.


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