Arnold Classic: The Ladies Were the Talk of Columbus

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor Congratulations to Ryall Graber, who surprised everyone with an upset victory at the Fitness International on March 1, 2019, in Columbus, Ohio. It was the biggest win of her 10-year pro career as Graber nailed her routine with a perfect score and leaped over reigning champ—and 2018 Olympia champ—Whitney Jones to land in the winner’s … Read More

Previewing the Rising Phoenix

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor Expect high drama this Saturday (Sept 8th) when the Wings of Strength production team along with Tim Gardner Productions brings the IFBB Professional League Rising Phoenix Women’s World Bodybuilding Championships to the Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino. Twenty of the world’s best-built female flexers are set to hit the stage, vying for a prize purse of … Read More

Olympia Storylines: The Women

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor Olympia buzz is heating up!  Two women’s divisions in particular are sparking speculation, starting with women’s physique, where three-time defending champ Juliana Malacarne has bowed out, deciding to retire from competition and denying fans the long-anticipated matchup between the Brazilian bombshell and Chicago upstart Shanique Grant. Some folks would be calling Grant the favorite long … Read More

Gina Aliotta Comes to Digital Muscle!

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor As Digital Muscle continues to grow, we recently welcomed another of the fitness industry’s most knowledgeable insiders to the burgeoning DM blogosphere.  Gina Aliotti was one of the world’s top competitive figure pros not too far back in the day, winning the Figure International at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2008 and taking second at the … Read More

Postcards From Palm Springs – Ruth Silverman

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor Who doesn’t love a weekend in Palm Springs? The Southern California desert oasis is the perfect antidote to whatever you need a break from. Add a first-class bodybuilding show and the chance to hang with industry friends, and you have a recipe for a Ruthlessly good time at the NPC/IFBB Ferrigno Legacy, which was held … Read More

Ladies Night in Phoenix! (Event Report)

By Ruth Silverman, Managing Editor Oh, wow. I am so jazzed for the upcoming Olympia weekend after watching the IFBB Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix Women’s World Bodybuilding Championship and the IFBB Arizona Women’s Pro on the free Livestream on Saturday. For one thing, the Tim Gardner production, now in its third year, is a female-centric show, with a … Read More

L.A.’s Parade of Built Bodies Flexes On…

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor Speaking of memorable venues and good times… Last time I was waxing poetic about the Culver City Veterans Memorial Auditorium, the scene of so many Los Angeles bodybuilding, fitness, figure, and physique competitions. Since then, the local shows have taken me to fancier seats and settings, one of which actually brought a tear to my … Read More

A Summer of L.A. Bodybuilding!

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor I’ll never forget the first bodybuilding contest I ever attended. It was a local show—the Los Angeles Championships, I think—and it was put on at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Culver City, a town that borders L.A.’s Westside and Venice areas. I had just been hired as the editor of Flex magazine and, frankly, had … Read More

A Guide to Eating at the Arnold!

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor The first time I attended the Arnold Classic, back in the ’90s, it was a lot smaller but still very special. Our dining experiences not so much. The highlights included an old-style steak house near the Ohio State Capitol—red banquettes and veteran waiters in tuxes (special in its own way)—and a midnight drive-through at a … Read More

Arnold Notebook: Early Look at New Events!

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor I know, I know. 2016 is barely over, and I’m already thinking about next March, but last week’s email brought a press release about the big, fabulous Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio—and how much bigger and more fabulous it will be in 2017—and the excitement started to build. Full confession: is currently in … Read More

The Remarkable “D4” Dan Eslinger – Winner of the Purple Heart!

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor Dan Eslinger’s life makes for a hell of a story, and the most striking thing is the way he marches forward – ducks, rolls, and pushes forward again, kind of like a human tank! The 6’3” Army combat vet and Purple Heart recipient served with the legendary 101st Airborne before coming home to Florida to … Read More

Olympia 101: What You Need to Know (Weekend Primer)

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor It’s called the Olympia, and many who reside outside of the fitness industry have only a vague idea, if any, of what goes on at the humongous bodybuilding and fitness weekend that takes place in Vegas each September. If you’re new to the bodybuilding scene, or just curious, here’s some crib notes on the event. … Read More

Fit Recipe: Herbal Dynamite (Salad Dressing)

By Ruth Silverman, Managing Editor Who doesn’t love a big, crisp salad? Whatever your pleasure when it comes to dressings, nothing’s better than a bowl of crunchy lettuce and salad veggies to balance out a savory meal. And if you’re on a diet, filling up on salad with lower-calorie dressings is a great tip. When I was growing up, my … Read More

Muscle Beach Retro!

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor Ah, Venice! And by that I mean Venice, California, a seaside section of Los Angeles where you can go from funk to fine dining just by turning a corner. The famed Ocean Front Walk is still the eclectic, Bohemian stroll it was when I arrived here many moons ago, and as a fitness-friendly destination Venice … Read More

Fit Recipe: Spicy, Simple, N’awlins BBQ

By Ruth Silverman, Managing Editor Memorial Day was the unofficial ready-set-go for the summer barbecue season. Big parties, small parties, spur-of-the-moment get-togethers—there will be many opportunities to indulge, as Gigi Amurao pointed out in her helpful blog on avoiding temptation this summer. One way to keep the temptations to a minimum at a party is to build your menu around … Read More

Blowing Up the Blogosphere (A Digital Muscle Update)

By Ruth Silverman, Managing Editor Digital Muscle is “growing faster than a Chia Pet’s hair,” and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m stealing that corny line from Nancy Noreman’s recent post, but you’ve got to admit, it’s an apt comparison to the surge in content here at the DM Blogosphere! Every day it grows a little more, a little more, and … Read More

Classic Physique Competition – I Love It!!!

In case you missed that, I love the new classic physique division. Love everything about it—the bodies, the posing, the posing trunks like tight black Jockey shorts. The fact is, I’ve been waiting for this division for years, ever since the NPC/IFBB chose guys-in-board-shorts over the amateur IFBB’s then-new “classic bodybuilding” division for their expansion.  Not that there’s anything wrong … Read More

Backstage at the Arnold (Digital Muscle Has its Privileges)

I finally got backstage at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Men’s World Pro Bodybuilding Championship, which was the original name of the legendary competition held annually in Columbus, Ohio, along with a growing slate of physique contests and a slew of competitions, too numerous to mention and too wide to imagine. Art at the Arnold—you can’t miss it as you approach … Read More

Ruthless is in the House

Welcome to my new home here at Digital Muscle! Many readers know me as “Ruthless Ruth Silverman,” the longtime correspondent for Iron Man magazine and for my gossip-and-personalities column, Pump & Circumstance. I’m also known as a bodybuilding editor, having worked with experts on every facet of training, nutrition and the science of muscle growth. I’ve been reporting on the bodybuilding … Read More