Colette Nelson
The Fit Diabetic

Colette Nelson has spent years showcasing her talents in the fitness arena, but her passion for teaching people about diabetes is what brings her to A registered dietitian and certified diabetes instructor, she holds an M.S. in clinical nutrition from NYU and is a consultant to various equipment and pharmaceutical companies. An IFBB pro bodybuilder and former World Amateur champion, Colette is known for her artistry in the posing round (she also studied dance) and she has choreographed the routines of numerous top competitors.  She’s an AFFA- and ACE-certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor and provides contest-preparation services in the areas of diet, training, makeup, tanning, and posing. She created Team Colette in 2013 as a safe place for her clients to share their weight-loss experiences and motivate each other to stay focused on their goals.

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