Fitness Spotlight: Rio De Janeiro

Welcome to our new blog here at Digital Muscle! We’re both excited to be a part of this awesome media site and to blog with the industry’s best! As many of you already know, we organize fitness vacations. As we travel, we see the growth of fitness all around the world – truly a global phenomenon!  – Magda & Paul


Our latest trip takes us to Rio De Janeiro. What a fitness oriented paradise it is!  Fitness here is definitely a way of life. You’ll find gyms on every corner, people exercise on the beach all day and at night you’ll see bootcamps being held on Copacabana and Ipanema beach.

Beach volleyball, surfing, biking and hiking are popular as well. MMA is also very popular in Brazil with many clubs to choose from. Healthy and tasty food is available everywhere. Although there are many state of the art gyms with the latest equipment in Rio, nothing compares to the atmosphere we felt when training at the outdoor gym between Copacabana and Ipanema Beach. This place resembles Venice beach gym the way it was during the golden era when Arnold and Franco trained there. Weights here are made from concrete and machines use old tires and ropes. The gym is right on the beach and the views are incredible!  Local bodybuilders who train here are proud of this place and treat it like it’s their second home. They all pitch in to keep this place running and they train with passion, for the love of the sport. Many don’t have necessary funds but this doesn’t stop them!

In spite of the lack of supplements and sometimes even proper nutrition, many of the locals are in really good shape! If you have passion and determination you can achieve anything! This is what inspired us the most! This is pure fitness and old school bodybuilding! Doesn’t matter where you train and what equipment you use. If you want to succeed, be the hardest worker in the room! Never give up!

Locals welcomed our group with open arms and treated us like their own. Language barrier were a little bit of a problem but our common passion for fitness brought all of us together. We shared training ideas and we all learned something from this experience. If you have a chance to go to Rio definitely check this place out and make sure to experience the breathtaking sunset.

Until next time! Train Hard. Live Well. – Contact us about our upcoming fitness trips!