Fitness Spotlight: Venice Beach, California

By Paul & Magda Wilk

Hi Guys and welcome again to our blog! In our last article we shared with you the story of our amazing Fit Trip to Rio de Janeiro. Today we’re writing from the mecca of fitness and bodybuilding, Venice beach California! This place is a must see destination for all fitness nuts like us!

Every time we come we love it here!  Muscle Beach, The Firehouse Restauran t(a former firehouse turned restaurant with a bodybuilding menu) and of course, the world famous Gold’s Gym make this place so unique!

This is where it all started! Venice’s Muscle Beach has a long history, dating back to the 1930’s. Back in those days men and women would gather to show their athletic abilities – guys would even bench press their girlfriends to show off! The original Muscle Beach was located a few miles away in the City of Santa Monica before moving to its current location in the 50’s. Back then Muscle Beach was home to several well known lifters, people like Jack LaLanne and Steve Reeves. Later on in the 70’s a young bodybuilder from Austria named Arnold called this place home. As we all know Arnold made bodybuilding and fitness a global phenomenon and everything really took off in Venice Beach!

Working out in Gold’s Gym is a great experience! You can run into a famous athlete or movie star at any time. The Firehouse restaurant which is only one block away is great for a post-workout meal. After a meal at the Firehouse it’s cool to chill on the beach, or walk on the Venice boardwalk where you’ll find cool stores, restaurants, street performers and so many active people. You can jog, bike, play basketball and skate among other activities.  Here you’ll find the iconic outdoor Muscle Beach Gym. Training here is a unique experience! Hundreds of tourists stop by to watch and take pictures of athletes training inside. It has it’s own flavor. Fitness and bodybuilding is still going strong in Venice. There are competitions held here throughout the year and if you want to learn more about its history you can visit the Muscle Beach Museum – located just in front of the gym. For those of you who like nature there is plenty of hiking trails close by. Santa Monica and Malibu have awesome trails but we definitely recommend the Hollywood sign hike! It’s worth the drive to Hollywood. It takes couple of hours, but if you time it right you can stay for the sunset and visit Griffith Observatory after. You can also do an early morning sunrise hike.

Until next time; Train Hard.Live Well.

Magda Wilk enjoying a day on Venice Beach!