Kris Gethin on Muscle Beach TV in Venice Beach!

On a new episode of Muscle Beach TV, celebrity insider Kris Gethin joins the show during his visit to Venice Beach.  Kris has risen to prominence in the world of bodybuilding and fitness through his high profile work in several areas of training, nutrition, motivation and media – making his mark as one of the industry’s most influential personalities.  Hosted by Dave Bourlet and brought to you by RedCon1, the Highest Sate of Readiness!

Kris Gethin on Muscle Beach TV

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Muscle Beach TV is a part of the network of original programming. Shot in Venice Beach, California and the famous “Gold’s Venice”, the show brings you up close to the biggest names in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. Hosted by Digital Muscle Senior Producer Dave Bourlet, new episodes are released frequently here at