Lionel Brown Visits Muscle Beach TV

Veteran bodybuilder Lionel Brown has his sights set on a new chapter in his professional bodybuilding career.  On a new edition of’s Muscle Beach TV Series, Brown and his new trainer/coach Eric Broser provide an update on their game plan to conquer the Ferrigno Pro event later this year.  Hosted by Dave Bourlet and brought to you this week by House of Pain Apparel and IronmagLabs.

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Dave Bourlet has enjoyed a high profile career in the bodybuilding world for nearly two decades having worked with major industry media outlets, including Flex Magazine and Muscular Development. While enjoying some success on the competitive bodybuilding stage, Bourlet is also regarded as the most “connected” man on Venice Beach. A former owner of the Max Muscle Store (Venice Beach), Bourlet is well known for his interviews with the biggest names in bodybuilding. Known in bodybuilding circles as “MadMax 6”, Bourlet is host of various programs including Muscle Beach TV.