RedCon1 Sponsorship Deal Announced announces a major sponsorship agreement with RedCon1, the industry’s fastest growing supplement brand. As part of the deal, RedCon1 will be branded within Digital Muscle’s growing lineup of ORIGINAL content; video series, webcasts, and one of the industry’s most diverse blogs, spanning 19 different fitness-minded categories.

Aaron Singerman, founder and CEO of RedCon1, explains, “Digital Muscle appeals to us because it represents the present and the future of the industry.  Dan and his team have built tremendous momentum and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

RedCon1 has ascended rapidly as one of the supplement industry’s leading companies, fueled by innovative products and its highly successful Tier Operator program, a unique team-building strategy creating income opportunities for thousands of individuals who aspire to earn income and become part of the sports nutrition industry (Learn more about becoming a Tier Operator). Publisher Dan Solomon adds, “We’ve taken a very patient and measured approach to what we’re building. In addition to delivering a high volume of diverse content, our other objective is to partner with the most respected brands in the industry, companies like RedCon1. It’s truly amazing what Aaron has built.”

RedCon1’s rapidly expanding product line is currently sold worldwide in more than 30 countries.