Ruth Silverman Named Managing Editor at

Digital Muscle Wire Report, the fitness industry’s new media hub, is pleased to welcome media veteran Ruth Silverman as its Managing Editor.  After a stint as editor-in-chief at Flex Magazine in the late ’80s, Silverman went on to serve as a longtime editor and columnist at Ironman Magazine.

In her role as Managing Editor at Digital Muscle, Silverman will oversee the website’s content initiative, an ambitious plan that includes a diverse balance of fitness, nutrition, exercise and bodybuilding-oriented content.

“Ruth Silverman is a great fit for us,” says Digital Muscle Publisher Dan Solomon.  “She brings an ideal combination of editorial experience, professionalism, and a real understanding of the fitness media landscape.”

Silverman adds, “The chance to help create a community of fitness-minded people who have something to say and aren’t shy about it was hard to resist.  I’m thrilled to be working with Dan for the very first time.   I’ve been privileged to work with and cover athletes and experts from the far corners of the industry over the years and I’m expecting many of them will join us here at Digital Muscle.”

Last month, the Arnold Sports Festival announced that has been named the exclusive webcast home of the upcoming Arnold Classic on March 4th and 5th.  Opportunities for webcast sponsorship are still available (contact [email protected]).

Those interested in joining the growing family of contributors at Digital Muscle can email [email protected].


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