The Hardcore Blog is Coming!!!

Presented by IronMag Labs, this new addition to the Digital Muscle Media Hub will feature insight on training, nutrition and science – the kind of info appealing only to the most dedicated athletes in the world. 


By Matt Weik

Welcome fellow hardcore fitness enthusiasts!  On behalf everyone at IML, we are excited to be the premier sponsor right here at—your media hub for everything in the fitness industry.  Dan Solomon and his team have created something pretty amazing here and we’re excited to be working with the entire team!  The amount of content and media supplied on the site free of charge is insane.

This section of the site is called The Hardcore Blog, dedicated to bringing you tons of great content centered around health, fitness, nutrition, training, supplementation, and the latest science. It will also keep you updated on the happenings over at IML.  The Hardcore Blog will be updated weekly (sometimes with as many as 2-3 posts each week – so check back often for updates!).

IronMag Labs is also inviting you to check out some other media content that you may not have known about, some really great podcasts that have been running for quite some time now. IML has some great podcasts released every week loaded with great info and opinions, including Central Bodybuilding Radio, hosted by Geoff Roberts and I where we take to the air waves to discuss different topics surrounding bodybuilding and fitness. Each week are new topics dedicated to giving you the latest on what’s happening in the industry, both on stage and behind the scenes.  You’ll find Central Bodybuilding as well as International Iron Radio and other podcasts on iTunes under IronMag Radio, or by going over to and clicking on the “RADIO” tab.  – Check back soon!