PBW Radio: Contest Prep Tips and Visit and Weider Movie Update

On a new Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide Radio hosts Eric Broser and Dave Bourlet answer listener questions on water manipulation and contest prep. Also on this episode Dan Solomon visits with an update on the new Joe Weider movie currently in production.  Presented by House of Pain Apparel exclusively at DigitalMuscle.com. Use the player above to listen now or […]

Choose a Training Style…..Like the Champions Do!!!

  We call them the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Ronnie Coleman, Lee Haney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dorian Yates – dominant, iconic and legendary! Although each champion had rivals who wanted to knock them off their perches, they were undeniably the best of their respective eras. Fans look up to them and study how they trained.  […]

Springing Into Summer Shape (A Procrastinator’s Guide)

By Evina Del Pizzo Bathing suit weather is coming! When it gets here, some people will be ready to show off the body they’ve been working hard for all year, while others will be hustling last minute to get ready for that special pool party they’ve been planning to attend for months. If you fall […]

How To Choose a Personal Trainer

By: Matt Weik The IML Blog Are you ready to kick things up a notch and hire a personal trainer to put you through the ringer? Or, maybe you’re just starting out and you want to make sure you have the proper form before you start conquering the gym alone? Either way, you’ll want to […]

The Rascal Stretch with Rosie Harte

In this new episode of her series MIND, BODY & SOUL, Rosie “Rascal” Harte focuses on stretching, taking you through a series of advanced stretches – produced for DigitalMuscle.com by Giles Thomas. Mind, Body & Soul – Episode 2 – The Rascal Stretch Quite possibly one of the fitness industry’s most uniquely diverse personalities, Rosie “Rascal” Harte is the latest addition […]

Gym Rule #1:  Don’t Let Your Boyfriend Be Your Coach

One of the saddest things I’ve witnessed in my years in the fitness industry is what happens when young women blindly let their boyfriends become their coaches. I’m talking about beautiful girls who follow their meathead lovers to the gym and the disastrous results to which it leads. They’ll do anything their guy suggests without […]

Minor Injuries: The Un-Breakable Rules!!!

In a previous article here on Digital Muscle, I discussed how the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) can help potentially reduce the risk for injury. But sometimes things just happen. A few weeks ago I was playing around with my kids. Well, the truth is, I was starting to teach sprint training drills and got a […]

New Video Series: B-Built By Broser

The DigitalMuscle.com line up of original programming continues to grow.  Check out the new episode of B-Built By Broser, a training series featuring Venice Beach super-trainer Eric “Merlin” Broser.  On this episode, Coach Broser provides some useful tips for triceps training and some important things to consider when choosing a personal trainer.  Check back soon for […]

Ask the Bikini Coach!

By Gigi Amurao Got a question for the Bikini Coach? If you’re new around here – My name’s Gigi Amurao, and I’m a veteran trainer and coach and an active IFBB bikini pro. If you’re not familiar with me, check out my other DigitalMuscle.com articles where I write about pretty much anything I want. As […]

My Road to the Stage!!! (10 Weeks to Go)

By Jessica Gilmartin I’m almost 10 weeks out from my show in October and I feel like a sculptor slowly chiseling away the fat. The process of getting to the stage isn’t brand new to me; however, this time my approach is very different and much more intentional. I am feeling high energy, but I’m […]

PBW Radio: Sergio Oliva Jr & Listener Q&A

On a new episode of Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide Radio hosts Eric Broser and Dave Bourlet answer listener questions about supplementation and contest prep. Also on this episode Sergio Oliva Jr. visits the show with some exciting career updates! This week’s episode is brought to you by Ironmag Labs and by House of Pain Apparel. Use the player […]

Understanding Inflammation: Nutritional Factors

By Lindsay Kent In Part 1 of this post, I described how inflammation is at the root of most diseases humans suffer from today. When the body is injured, the immune system jumps into action, sending white blood cells to the affected area to promote healing. That is called acute inflammation, and you will experience […]

What’s Your Risk Factor Score?

It’s a bottom line for fitness enthusiasts and athletes: everyone needs to have a baseline of fundamental human movement. Let me tell you about the Functional Movement Screen—why it makes sense and how it can potentially help reduce the risk of injury for athletes, strength enthusiasts, and recreational exercisers at all levels. The FMS was […]

Don’t Train Like a Sissy!

By John Hansen, Natural Bodybuilding Editor I saw a great photo of Clint Eastwood on Facebook the other day with the quote, “I miss the ole days when everybody wasn’t such a pussy”.   Although I’m not quite as old as Clint, I can relate to his brash opinion of the diminishing state of manhood when […]

Should You Eat Before Exercise?

By: Matt Weik There has been a debate for quite some time on whether you should eat before you exercise or if you should exercise when in a fasted state. The banter has been enough to turn people blue in the face arguing their point of view.  Theories have gone back and forth for both […]

Tempo Training: Follow the Beat!

By Evina Del Pizzo As you may have noticed in my previous posts, I talk a lot about workout tempo. In most of my workouts, I make sure that I am contracting the muscle in a specific tempo that will give me the most for that muscle from the range of motion—for example, using a […]

Kettlebells vs Dumbbells!! Setting the Record Straight

By Scott Iardella Nothing irritates me more than a YouTube video or article about kettlebell training featuring exercises that could just as easily be done with a dumbbell or any other training modality. Kettlebells are fantastic training tools, and so are dumbbells, but they serve different purposes and are very different modalities. So, when I […]