Blowing Up the Blogosphere (A Digital Muscle Update)

By Ruth Silverman, Managing Editor

Digital Muscle is “growing faster than a Chia Pet’s hair,” and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m stealing that corny line from Nancy Noreman’s recent post, but you’ve got to admit, it’s an apt comparison to the surge in content here at the DM Blogosphere!

Every day it grows a little more, a little more, and in every direction! New bloggers, new topics, new technical tweaks to make things run more smoothly—a digital home for quality information and cool contributors on all facets of fitness is taking shape, and our new bloggers are a big part of that growth. A travel blog for fitness vacations—how neat is that?  But don’t just take my word for it. Check out all the new entries and updates.

Here’s a welcome to some of the recent contributors and topics that are making the media hub the virtual place to be.

After I was named Managing Editor, Nancy Noreman was the first person I invited to blog here, not because she’s an expert on training or nutrition but because she’s an expert on life—and life in the bodybuilding and fitness world.  Also, because she’s funny—and not shy about sharing her wisdom. Nancy and I met while doing “The Fitness View” a now-defunct chick-oriented Web-TV show, and her habit of throwing herself into whatever she does was immediately evident. I’m thrilled to be able to work with her again. Oh, and if you’re thinking about letting your boyfriend become your trainer, you might want to check out Nancy’s opinion on the matter!

For practical info on training and getting in shape, we turned to IFBB bikini pro Gigi Amurao, a model, trainer and nutritionist who totally looks the part. Gigi has an MBA in marketing and worked in network advertising before turning to a career in the fitness industry. She’s appeared in major fitness publications, and if her “Lose-Five-Pounds-Fast Workout” is any evidence, she knows plenty about putting her clients and readers through their paces. Look for tips on keeping that hot body—once you’ve built it—through the summer barbecue season in her latest installment of Gigi’s Corner.

Evina Del Pizzo is a skinny hardgainer, a.k.a. total ectomorph, who went from Hawaiian Tropic model to NPC bikini champ on sheer determination and a ton of hard work. Her resulting expertise in how to train, eat, and hold on to your gains makes her a perfect choice to write about all things ecto. The certified Master Trainer from Southern California hopes to pass on what she’s learned to her fellow ectomorphs in her new blog. We can all learn a lot about motivation and focus from Evina as well.

We can also learn a lot from recipe maven Robyn Maher, a woman so busy, I don’t know when she finds the time to buy egg whites. The Utah–based trainer and IFBB professional bikini competitor is also a mom of three, and she recently promoted the Salt Lake City Showdown on April 30. Understandably, Robyn believes in keeping it fresh and fast in the kitchen, and she’s inspired by herbs and spices—my favorite things. Her repertoire of healthy-but-tasty baked goods is extensive as well. She shares her favorite recipes and new creations in Fresh & Fit with Robyn.

We’ve only just begun—more experts, more personalities, more topics, more recipes, more ways of looking at building muscle and getting fit to come. If you have something to say, info to share, ideas to promote, or an angle no one’s thought of yet, let’s talk about how you can become part of the dynamic Digital Muscle Blogosphere. Write to me, [email protected], or message me on Facebook,

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