RedCon 1: Employee Spotlight of the Month (March 2018)

Employee Spotlight of the Month:
Luke Lazenby, Brand Affiliate Manager 

As part of a new series aimed at bringing you closer to the business side of the sports nutrition industry, shines a spotlight on a member of the team at RedCon1, one of the world’s leading supplement brands.  The selected employee has been chosen by the company’s CEO and is being showcased here at the Fitness Industry’s Media Hub.  The Employee Spotlight for the month of March belongs to Luke Lazenby.  Join us in congratulating Luke as we present this brief Q & A.

Luke, Congrats on being selected as the RedCon1 Employee Spotlight of the Month for March. Can you give us a short description of your responsibilities at the company?

I manage the Tier Operator Program, one of the most innovative team building programs in the industry. We currently have 3400 tier operators and we’re growing everyday.  I also manage our RedCon1 athletes.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

Everything! It has it’s stresses like anything else, but few can truly say they have their dream job and I do!

The Evolution of the Tier Operator Program

What have you learned about yourself since joining the company?

I’ve learned that I’m a hell of a lot better at multi-tasking than I ever knew I was!

Do you train regularly? Briefly describe your gym progress and your goals.

I train 6 days a week, currently cutting with a goal to get my body fat into the low to mid teens by Summer 2018.

Which RedCon1 products are you currently taking?

I’m currently taking Total War, Big Noise, Silencer, Double Tap, MRE, Isotope, Grunt, Breach, Med Kit, and Mental Trigger. (Order RedCon1 Products Here)

What’s your number one career goal?

My number one career goal is to enjoy everyday doing what I love and providing the best life possible for my wife and 3 Daughters. 

Why should someone choose RedCon1 for their supplement needs?

RedCon1 truly embodies the meaning of transparency and effectiveness. Consumers want products that are true to the label and do what they are meant to do.  You will NOT find another company that has the transparency and quality of effective formulas we do! It’s RedCon1 or Nothing Baby!

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