Fit Destination: South Beach!!!

By Magda & Paul Wilk

Hi Guys and welcome back to our fitness and travel blog. Today we’re visiting Miami Beach, a city where fitness is visible everyhwere, a place where you’ll find fit people of all ages! It’s not unusual to see a senior citizen here with a visible six pack!

Most people on South Beach don’t do it for stage, they do this for health and fitness. It’s so cool to see older people looking and acting half their age!  They are living proof that nothing beats the fitness lifestyle and it’s the best thing for anti-aging! Remember age is just a number and you are only as old as you feel!

This is exactly what motivates us! For us fitness and bodybuilding is a healthy lifestyle not only reserved for those few minutes on stage. Don’t get us wrong! Competing in bodybuilding and fitness is what got us to where we are today! If it wasn’t for competing we wouldn’t be here! Nothing tests your limits, passion, determination and drive to succeed like physique competitions do! Competitions are great but the fitness lifestyle is so much more!

South Beach Magda Paul Wilk

Everyday overall fitness and health is what drives us to train hard. Our motto is “Be life strong”! South Beach is a great example of that. Here, everything is about the fitness lifestyle. Healthy restaurants and gyms are everywhere. You can choose to train at different well equipped gyms or simply enjoy the weather and take your workouts outside. We like to train at the outdoor gym on the Ocean Dr. or at South Point Park where you’ll see people working out from early morning to late night. Here we filmed some of our workouts, you can see them on our youtube channel  We also like to do open-air yoga at sunrise, there are many places to choose from. We recommend you rent a bike and explore the city. South beach has nice bike paths, you can even go all the way to downtown Miami. This is actually how we discover new places.

On the bike you’ll see more and you can stop anytime and explore. In busy cities you won’t be stuck in the traffic but remember…safety first! Stay in those bike lanes or bike paths!

If you like fitness and travel, please join us on our next fitness vacation. Next one will be held in the Mayan Riviera Mexico at the end of November..We’re staying at a 5 star all-inclusive resort. This time, besides the gym and beach workouts we’ll be adding Yoga to the program. Please contact us for details on our Facebook page WILK FITNESS. Hope to see you there! Until next time.Train Hard. Live Well.

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