Egg Whites: Don’t Forget the Basics!

By: Matt Weik

With all the latest innovations in supplementation, it’s easy to lose sight of the basics. This blog is an important reminder that if you’re serious about those gainz, then you better have egg whites in your diet. No matter if you’re trying to lean out or put on size, egg whites will get you where you’re trying to go. And the good news is, you don’t have to slam them down raw like Rocky did in the movies—nor will you have to worry about salmonella and getting sick. Adding egg whites in your diet are as good as gold. They’re low in calories, high in protein, very low in fat content, and no cholesterol. In essence, it’s a clean and pure form of protein!

What should you get and how should you prepare them?

You can either use prepackaged egg whites that you can find in the grocery store with the yolks already removed (hard boiled eggs minus the yolk) or you can separate the yolk from the egg right in your kitchen. You can prepare them different or you can throw the egg whites on the stove top and fry them up a little. Maybe scrambled is more your thing or just throw them in the microwave to cook them. Add whatever toppings you want to either variation – veggies, hot sauce, ground pepper, whatever your heart desires and your good to go.

Or if you want the easy way out, avoiding the hassles of yolk separation, you can always buy liquid egg whites and just pour them into a pan on the stove. Also worth mentioning, if you currently use a blended protein powder, you might just be taking in some egg whites already without knowing it if you see “egg albumen” in the ingredient list.

Why you should consider adding them to your diet:

• 16 calories per egg white
• About 3g of quality protein
• Best absorbing protein you can eat outside of things like whey protein
• Contains all the essential amino acids (EAAs)
• They can help repair and build lean muscle mass

If you decide to go the route of the liquid version, there are some benefits in doing so. Liquid egg whites are 100% bioavailable in the body for around 4-5 hours, whereas the protein and egg white powders are only around 70-80% bioavailable in the body for around 2-3 hours. Not to mention, you won’t have all the mess involved with separating the whites as well as the time it takes to do so.

Regardless if you are a competitor, a gym rat, or simply looking to create a healthy environment for muscle gain, egg whites should become a staple in your diet regimen. Cutting… Bulking… Whatever.  Make sure you head to the grocery store and pick up some cartons of eggs or liquid egg whites and add these protein packed bad boys to your next meal. Your newly added lean muscle will thank you!

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