Getting Started on a Fitness Journey

By Roger Lockridge

Whether it’s a resolution, a special event, or your first physique show, there is great motivation when you finally decide that you’re going to commit to a fitness program and the time for you is now. So first thing tomorrow morning, you’re going to begin your journey.

Then tomorrow becomes today. You’re all fired up, ready to get that gym membership, buy your groceries, and you’ll do all of that after work. On your lunch break, you decide one last unhealthy meal is ok since you’re about to start that fitness program anyway. Then you’re tired when you get off work and decide all of that fitness stuff can wait until tomorrow. Then that tomorrow becomes today and you decide the following Monday is a new week and you can start fresh next week. You can see where I’m going with this. Unfortunately for many people, this is why fitness programs fail before they even start. Now if you are reading this here on, then you’re very likely already following a program and living a healthy lifestyle but perhaps you know someone that matches my description above. If you do, you can pass this on to them so they can take these tips and finally get moving on those fitness goals!

Decide What You Want…and Go Get It!

It’s one thing to just say that you want to get in shape. It’s a whole other level when you say that you’re going to lose 30 pounds and run a 5K in three months. That is one example. Your goal is just that…yours. Make sure it’s something measurable that you can determine success or failure on. Beyond that, it also has to be ambitious but realistic. You should feel challenged by your goal but don’t claim a goal so outrageous that it’s beyond the realm of possibility. If you never bench pressed before, you aren’t going to set a world record or even a local record at a meet. You could work to add 25 pounds to your one rep max and compete in your first bench press contest. To go from beginning a program to feeling confident enough to enter a contest is huge. Once again, that is only one example. Whatever your goal is, it should be something you truly want and go get it.

Decide What You Have to Do to Make It Happen

Based on whatever your goal is, take an hour or so to decide what it will take to reach it. How often do you need to train? What kind of program should you find? Do you need a trainer? How about supplements? You can ask friends or someone you know that has experience for advice if you like, but at the end of the day these are your decisions to make so take time to decide your game plan and then write it out so there is no question later about how you’re going to execute your plan.

Move in That Direction Right Now!

Yes tomorrow is a new day and Monday starts a new week and it would be real easy to put this off until then but let’s get real. Putting this off increases the chances that you’ll never get started. If you want the greatest chance to achieve success and make this time THE time it happens, then you need to move in that direction right now. Look at that list you made. Find at least one thing on that list you can do today and then do it. Whether it’s shopping for healthy groceries, getting a gym membership, or going on your first walk or run for cardio, your head should not hit that pillow tonight until you’ve done something constructive to move towards that major goal you set for yourself. Doing this will help you feel more committed to that goal and will start your journey off on the right foot. You’ll feel more confident and will be more likely to follow up on that goal tomorrow. Don’t feel like you need to conquer Rome before the sun goes down but choose one or two things that would help you increase your commitment and do those things today. When you reach that goal, you’ll be so glad you didn’t put this off.


I hope this is something that can help you move forward and realize your fitness aspirations. Making this commitment and following through on it will show you benefits that go far beyond what you see in a mirror. You will see it in your self-confidence, in relationships, business, and in other areas of your life. Whether this is your first try at a fitness plan or your 10th, these tips can help you make this time THE time it happens for you, or for the person you’re trying to inspire.

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