Losing Motivation? 5 Tips to Get it Back!

By Roger Lockridge

Take a quick trip with me down Memory Lane to when you first started training. Remember how psyched you were to get to the gym, to feel the weight in your hands? Remember how you craved the comradery of the others in the gym. It might have been an obsession for you at the time because of how determined you were to reach your goals.

Do you still experience those same feelings today or are those days behind you? If you fall under the latter category there’s a secret you should know. It happens to all of us.  At one point or another everyone has days that are tougher to get going than others. I could tell you to just suck it up and go, but that wouldn’t be very helpful if you don’t know how to get back on track.

Here’s five simple tips to help you regain that motivation:

Remember Why You Started:

What was the reason you started working out to begin with? Something got you in that weight room for the first time. You might have been concerned with how you looked or maybe you started lifting because you wanted to be better at your sport. Perhaps you focused on your fitness because of health issues. Look back to those days, remember that initial desire, and you’ll likely develop similar feelings which could help you re-ignite your engine.

Remember Who Inspires You

Chances are there is at least one person who you look to for inspiration every day. It could be your spouse, your parents, or other family members. Perhaps there’s someone notable who you look up to because they are successful in ways you want to be. On those challenging days think about these people and remind yourself of their positive qualities that appeal to you. This could help you develop the mindset you need to move forward.

Visualize the Success You Want

What does success mean to you? Think about what your life would be like if you achieved everything you have set out to do. If your plan is to lose weight, visualize yourself as a more ripped version of yourself. Imagine how good you’ll feel staring in the mirror admiring a physique that you worked hard to develop. If you’re preparing for a show or competition, create the event in your mind so that you’re taking in the adulation of the crowd and holding the trophy with one arm while the other is raised in victory. Those visualizations are important on days when the gym is the last place you want to be. Don’t just think about that success before your workout either. Remind yourself between sets, after the workout is over, and throughout the day.


Mental images and the power of the mind are great assets to help with motivation, but visuals are helpful too. Back when I first started working out I had a couple of videos I watched to get psyched to train. Watching champion bodybuilders moving massive weight was the perfect fix for me to prepare. Nowadays we have YouTube. All you have to do is click the search box and type in the name of anyone who you follow. Chances are something is going to come up for you to enjoy. Whether you want to see someone squat 800 pounds or check out an inspirational story, it’s likely on YouTube. Most videos are short, so you can watch them on your phone or tablet while you’re warming up or before you leave your house.

Have a Go-To Playlist

Music is another great resource for motivation. The only thing you need to know about music is that if it motivates you then you should listen to it! What motivates one person might be different than what appeals to someone else. Take your favorite songs, create a list for your phone or MP3 player, and keep it on standby so you can access it anytime you need that extra boost of audio energy,


Although you might be passionate about reaching your goals, there will be days (for everyone) where you want to just stay home. I hope some of these suggestions can help you get that fire burning on those days when there’s barely a spark.

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