Never Settle!! The Great Ones Never Do.

By Roger Lockridge

Who are your favorite sources of inspiration? Do you look up to people like Schwarzenegger, The Rock, Stallone? Regardless of who your personal idol is, if you take the time to analyze these incredibly successful people, you’ll see that they all have one thing in common.

They never settled.

They never sat back and thought to themselves “I’ve done enough. I can chill now.”  Those who are the most successful never get complacent or bored.

Did Dwayne Johnson stop working after his first leading role in “The Scorpion King”? Nope. He kept moving forward, built upon that success, and found a new role that challenged him and took him to a different place. That success has led him to being recognized as one of the top movie stars in the world today. He’s obviously not slowing down either because one look at his social media and you see he’s always working on one or two new projects at once.

And then there’s LeBron James. For years he pursued winning an NBA championship. From the moment he came into the league back in 2003, that was his ultimate goal. He finally climbed that mountain as a member of the Miami Heat in 2012. Who would have blamed him if he walked away at that point? He already made millions of dollars, achieved his ultimate goal, and could’ve retired. Instead, he won another title in Miami, then returned to Cleveland where he started and made a new goal to win a title for “The Land”. It took him two years after arriving but after capitalizing on his experience of winning in Florida, he’s now a three time world champion and achieved his goal of bringing a ring to a town that went over 50 years without one in any major sport. All reports indicate he still isn’t going anywhere either.

Why would these amazing and accomplished people not just “settle” and move on? It’s because they are driven to maximize their potential, to look forward, and to achieve as much as they possibly can. They’re driven to success almost like it’s an addiction.

So how can this help you, the one reading this right now? You can take the principle that your sources of inspiration follow and apply it to your own life so you can take advantage of your own potential and achieve your own success. Did you lose a lot of weight and get in great shape? Awesome. Take that to another level and compete in a fitness show or consider getting certified as a personal trainer and make money helping others achieve similar goals.  Were you a skinny kid that got bigger, stronger, and more confident in yourself? Take advantage of that by sharing your journey with others as a writer or motivational speaker! (I know someone that did that.)

The bottom line is if you want to reach a level of success like those who inspired you, you can’t ever decide your success is enough. You always need that next rabbit to chase, that next goal to pursue, and you have to believe that greater things are possible for you.

They did and they still do… why not you?

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