When Life Gets In the Way…

By Max Plasencia, Lifestyle Editor

Let me begin my first blog by saying how humbled I am to join the Digital Muscle community.  And a sincere thanks to Dan and the team for building something that I really wanted to be a part of.  I’ve worked with countless men and women, and we all share a burning desire to improve our quality of life!  Let’s begin by talking about those 3 lame words most often heard around this time of year:  New – Years – Resolution!

I don’t believe in them!!!  In fact, it’s not something I’d suggest for ANYONE. Especially if your resolutions involve detoxes or juice cleanses, or chasing unrealistic weight loss goals.  What happens if you can’t keep it by Valentine’s Day? What then?  Do you wait until next year?

I believe any day is a good day to establish new goals or simply start over.  A fitness resolution should fit within the context of real life. What does “real life” actually mean?

It means your kids are sick (at the same time) and you’re getting little sleep

It means a family member is going through cancer treatment and you visit daily.

It means you’re stressed and your lower back acts up.

It means, as you’re about to head to the gym your dog drops a poop on the living room carpet.

Yep….REAL LIFE.  It’s why so many so-called resolutions fail.  Most health and fitness plans fail to account for life outside the gym. That diet or training program you pulled from the fitness magazine was never built to accommodate REAL LIFE. Failure is inevitable.  Real human lives are messy and complicated. Unpredictable!


Replace the Word Resolution with Prioritization!

I will prioritize my health, build strength and fitness, and maybe even see my abs.  I will be flexible and honest and I will make time to exercise daily within the context of my real life.

My time will be limited. And I may miss the gym because of REAL LIFE, but after I’ve cleaned up the poo, I’ll work out!  If I have no weights or machines, I’ll jump rope and stretch while keeping up with the Kardashians. I may be stuck eating nasty airport food, bit I’ll make the best choice I can within the spectrum of choices and then do push-ups and air squats, or walk laps around the airport until I’m called to board my flight.  And on those other days, the ones where life cooperates, I will put in 100% effort, in the gym….and in the kitchen.

It’s simply a matter of priorities.  Resolve to establish good ones.


Max’s 10 Tips for Building Good Habits in 2016

1. Eat protein at breakfast.

2. Bring a lunch you’re excited to eat.

3. Pre-prep dinners.

4. Exercise whenever, wherever, and however possible.

5. Aim for “a little better” instead of “perfect”.

6. Seek support and reinforcement.

7. Find accountability.

8. Show up again the next morning.

9. Plan for things to go wrong.

10. Start small and enjoy the journey.


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