2021- Farewell to 2020 Iron Angels!

By Shawn Ray

The year 2020 was long, brutal, unforgiving and sad in many ways however, it left the bodybuilding community with thoughts and memories of athletes and influencers whom left their mark on the sport in the time they were here. While a long life is not promised to anyone of us, quality and ambition has its place. At the start of 2021, we look back in remembrance of some athletes and contributors who gave us their best and inspired  our industry.

 Peter McGough- England 

Joanna Clare Thomas- England

Satnam Singh Khattra- India

Luke Sandoe- England 












Scott Milne- Canada









Novoa Mendez- Dominican 


Chet Yorton- USA


Joseph Gromulus – Germany


Mercury Morris Claiborne- USA


Tiffany-Victoria Enriquez- USA


Dustin Cosmin- Canada


Aleksandar Srdoc- Croatia

In Remembrance of these amazing athletes, we look forward to greater things to come this year as we battle through a global pandemic, we will not soon forget the joy and inspiration these athletes brought to our sport and into our lives. Their work is forever memorialized and our thoughts and prayers are with their families as we thank them for sharing their loved ones and champions with our community.

As we pay tribute to some of our sports best and fallen athletes, we sadly add one more name to the list of Iron Angels today in the form of England’s very own, Mike Sheridan.

Mike Sheridan- England


Rest In Peace, you maybe gone but you are not forgotten, thank you for the memories.

Editor in Chief.