Where are They Now: Gunter Schlierkamp

By Shawn Ray

The German Giant, Gunter Schlierkamp from Germany rose to prominence around 2002 at the Mr. Olympia after trying to break into the big leagues since 1994. Coming from the back of the pack, this former amateur Mr. Universe clawed his way from out of the top 10 in the Mr. Olympia line-up and into the Top 5 before he ultimately upset arguably the greatest Mr. Olympia Winner ever in the form of Ronnie Coleman  only 3 weeks after Ronnie had just won his fifth Olympia Championship in Louisiana at the GNC Pro Championships!

Gunter shares his journey from a small town in Germany to packing on 325lbs of Muscle to his life and times doing Television Commercials, Movies, Personal Training and how he recovered from his divorce only to find love in the arms of his former Pro Fitness Competitor and wife, Kim Lyons sharing his 13th wedding anniversary with us  while reminiscing over the birth of his now 11 year old son, Jake.

In the midst of the global pandemic CoVid 19, Gunther shares his story on a slightly windy day in Long Beach, California with host Shawn Ray.

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• We apologize about the sound quality due to wind and helicopters outside.

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