Kai Greene: Memories of a Champion

by Shawn Ray

It’s been since the year 2016 that I last witnessed Kai Greene in the Victory pose at the Arnold Classic in Brazil. Kai was poised to be the heir apparent to the Mr. Olympia Title when suddenly he was a ghost? The meteoric rise to Mt. Olympus gave the hardcore Muscle fans a glimpse of “possibilities” from the chameleon known simply as The Predator.

Kai had built an impressive resume worthy of recognition of the athletes that came before him, the ones he had defeated in head to head competitions and those coming up behind him. His first venture into the Pros,  Kai found himself in last place and on the brink of walking away. However,  his artistic love for self expression and performing garnered him the $10,000 Best Poser Award at the 2006 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro and an opportunity to buy himself another year of competing.

In 2007, Kai climbed from last place to 1st place and snagged the $25k in prize money to go along with the $10k Best Poser Award, effectively validating his future in the sport as one to contend with as a top flight bodybuilder!

In the coming years, Kai didn’t disappoint, as he added one title after the next while racking up multiple Arnold Classic Titles and three 2nd place Mr. Olympia finishes!

Without ever “officially” announcing his retirement from the competition stage, Kai has quietly taken advantage of his bodybuilding celebrity by building his fan-base, product endorsements, global travel, acting, social media marketing and more! 


While Kai’s arch rival in the Mr. Olympia competition was 7X Mr. Olympia Winner, Phil Heath he has arguably built a career as “The a People’s Champion” and parlayed his near misses into a career few thought imaginable.
In the words of Kai Greene where “Thoughts become Things” Kai never let Obstacles or Rejection take foothold in his mind where crystal clear vision reigns supreme to rational thinking of an ordinary person. In this seminar clip a few years back in Dubai, Kai lays out how his mind works and how his vision has brought him to life a life that’s built by him and based around the belief of Possibilities.

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