Gym Tour Series: Welcome to the East Coast Mecca

At the heart of the global fitness culture is the neighborhood gym.  It’s where men and women, of all shapes and sizes, go to pack on muscle, lose body fat, recover from injuries, or just blow off some steam.  Everyone’s goals are different, but we’re all bonded by the fundamental pursuit of self-improvement.

As part of an ongoing series here at we’ll be taking you inside various gyms.  No, we’re not talking about the “big box” chains…….we’re talking about gyms with character!  The ones built and run by dedicated men and women who aspire to create something special – something REAL.

Our series begins in Syosset, New York at the famous Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, known in bodybuilding circles as the East Coast Mecca!  Your Tour Guide is Nancy Noreman, a veteran of the bodybuilding industry and a long time member of the gym!  – Thanks to Steve Weinberger and his team for the warm welcome!

Video Credit: Johnny Styles