NPC Nationals turns 40!

By Shawn Ray

in 1982, NPC President Jim Manion created the first installment of what was to become the premier Amateur Bodybuilding Contest in history that would lead the winners straight into the Professional ranks! A young upstart by the name, Lee Haney would win the inaugural event on his first attempt prior to winning the Mr. Universe title and long before he become the sports greatest Mr. Olympia winner ever with 8 consecutive victories from 1984 to 1991!

Following Lee’s initial victory there would be a slew of future Hall of Fame Bodybuilders and some excellent class champions that would go onto shape the IFBB Pro League into the most competitive pro divisions for decades to come including standouts like: Mike Christian, Bob Paris, Gary Strydom, Phil Williams, Shawn Ray, Vince Taylor, Kevin Levrone, Rich Gaspari, Jay Cutler, Victor Martinez, Toney Freeman, Bill Wilmore and more recently Hunter Labrada and last years champion, Jonathan Winters.

Iron Mike Christian 1984 Overall Winner

Shawn Ray 1987 Overall Winner

Vince Taylor 1988 Overall Winner

Rich Gaspari 1984 Class Champion

Bob Paris 1983 Overall Winner
Phil Williams 1985 Overall Winner

Victor Martinez 2000 Overall Winner

Hunter Labrada Overall Winner 2018

Jonathan Winters 2020 Overall Champion

This years 40th NPC National Championship will take place in Orlando, Florida on December 17-18th at Orange County Convention Center with title sponsor Sheru promoted by Gary Udit.

All the weekends contest information can be found here:

Who will be the next generation of IFBB Pro League’s Finest? Join us in Orlando and witness History!!!!

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