TWO SHOW OFFS – Kevin Levrone and California

By Founding Editor of Flex Magazine, Bill Dobbins

[Photographer: Bill Dobbins]

Above Kevin, pelicans were diving off the cliff.

Some bodybuilders are less inhibited when it comes to posing.  Kevin Levrone has never had any problems showing off, as he did in this photo session for Flex Magazine at Zuma Beach, CA.  

And this Day, it was as if California decided to show off for Kevin. There were Pelicans diving off the cliffs above.  A school of dolphins swam by outside the surf line.

[Photographer: Bill Dobbins]

The power of a physique vs. the power of the surf.

At the end of the photo session, a seal came up and started sunning itself on the beach.  California has always had a reputation for promoting itself.  And the beach has always been a part of the California experience in the public mind.

[Photographer: Bill Dobbins]

Taking it easy in the California sun.

So, you may be something of a show-off yourself, Kevin – but try to top the California beach at its best!!!

Kevin Levrone had an amazing career as a competitive bodybuilder. During his professional career, Levrone competed in 68 IFBB Professional contests. Considered one of the best bodybuilders of the 1990’s, even though he never won the prestigious Mr. Olympia title, he has won 23 pro shows, holding the record of the most wins as an IFBB professional until Ronnie Coleman set the new record in 2004 and that record was eventually broken by Dexter Jackson in 2016 with 29 wins.

Kevin has often been referred to as one of the 3 Best Bodybuilders to never win the Mr. Olympia however, he’s in good company with the likes of his good friends and rivals Shawn Ray and Flex Wheeler whom also never won the coveted title during their lengthy careers but had some intense battles against each other.

Competitive History

• 2018 Arnold Classic 13th• 2016 Mr. Olympia, 17th• 2003 Show of Strengths Pro Championship, 3rd• 2003 Mr. Olympia, 6th• 2003 Arnold Classic, 5th• 2002 Mr. Olympia, 2nd• 2002 Grand Prix Australia, 4th• 2002 Arnold Classic, 5th• 2001 Grand Prix England, 1st• 2001 Mr. Olympia, 3rd• 2000 Mr. Olympia, 2nd• 2000 Arnold Classic, 3rd• 1999 Grand Prix England, 3rd• 1999 World Pro Championships, 3rd• 1999 Mr. Olympia, 4th• 1999 Arnold Classic, 2nd• 1998 Grand Prix Finland, 2nd• 1998 Grand Prix Germany, 2nd• 1998 Mr. Olympia, 4th• 1998 Night of Champions, 2nd• 1998 Toronto Pro Invitational, 2nd• 1998 San Francisco Pro Invitational, 1st• 1997 Grand Prix Russia 2nd• 1997 Grand Prix Finland, 1st• 1997 Grand Prix Czech Republic, 1st• 1997 Grand Prix England, 1st• 1997 Grand Prix Germany, 1st• 1997 Grand Prix Spain, 1st• 1997 Grand Prix Hungary, 1st• 1997 Mr. Olympia, 4th• 1997 Arnold Classic, 8th• 1996 Grand Prix Russia, 5th• 1996 Grand Prix Switzerland, 3rd• 1996 Grand Prix Czech Republic, 2nd• 1996 Grand Prix England, 4th• 1996 Grand Prix Germany, 4th• 1996 Grand Prix Spain, 3rd• 1996 Mr. Olympia, 3rd• 1996 San Francisco Pro Invitational, 1st• 1996 Arnold Classic, 1st• 1996 San Jose Pro Invitational, 1st• 1995 Grand Prix Russia, 1st• 1995 Grand Prix England, 2nd• 1995 Grand Prix Germany, 1st• 1995 Grand Prix Spain, 1st• 1995 Mr. Olympia, 2nd• 1994 Grand Prix England, 2nd• 1994 Grand Prix Germany, 2nd• 1994 Grand Prix Spain, 2nd• 1994 Mr. Olympia, 3rd• 1994 Arnold Classic, 1st• 1994 Grand Prix Italy, 1st• 1994 Grand Prix France (2), 1st• 1994 San Jose Pro Invitational, 1st• 1993 Grand Prix England, 3rd]• 1993 Mr. Olympia, 5th• 1993 Grand Prix Germany, 1st• 1993 Grand Prix Spain, 3rd• 1993 Grand Prix Finland, 2nd• 1993 Grand Prix France, 5th• 1992 Mr. Olympia, 2nd• 1992 Night of Champions, 1st• 1992 Chicago Pro Invitational, 3rd• 1992 Grand Prix England, 2nd• 1992 Grand Prix Germany, 1st• 1991 Nationals – NPC, Overall Winner• 1991 Nationals – NPC, Heavy Weight, 1st• 1991 Junior Nationals – NPC, Heavy Weight, 2nd   •  

Today, Kevin remains active in supporting the sport of bodybuilding while promoting his successful supple line called, “Levrone Signature Series” all over the world in places like; Mr.Olympia Expo, Poland, Bulgaria, Dubai and Germany!

FIBO in Koln, Germany

Be sure to follow Kevin on his Social Media instagram @KevinLevrone

Editor in Chief.