William Bonac Wins 2020 Arnold Classic

By Shawn Ray

The 32nd Arnold Classic Winner, William Bonac continued his impressive string of consistent professional showings by recapturing his second Arnold Classic Ohio Title since 2018 holding off the 5X ASC Record Holding Champion, 50 year old Dexter “The Blade” Jackson for the Win!

William had just the right amount of conditioning with an over abundance of Muscle in just the right places especially the Legs to hold off the Blade in a hotly contested event which featured a record 7 Arnold Classic Past Winners including; Cedric McMillan, Steve Kuclo, Victor Martinez, Jonnie O Jackson, Big Ramy, Dexter and The Conquer, William!

Rounding out the top 3 was Big Ramy returning from a one year lay off. Ramy picked up a few points for overall Size however, he didn’t show much signs of improvement upon his return to shake up the line-up.  Big Ramy’s Legs are still too disproportionate in size with the rest of his body yet his midsection was very tight throughout the entire show which certainly helped him in winning the new Franco Columbu Trophy and $10,000 prize as Most Muscular Athlete presented by Arnold, Franco’s widow and daughter.

• Best Poser Award & $10,000 went to Sergio Oliva Jr.  Presented by last years ASC Champion and Mr. Olympia 2019, Brandon Curry with Arnold.

This years Arnold Classic was hit by the government with a slew of warnings and threats of Legal Action if it didn’t shut down the International Expo and limit Spectator participation to the Finals only due to the CoronaVirus Global outbreak and fear of the unknown impact of its spread over the 4 day weekend of events.

Arnold and company continued business as usual with the Athletes both amateur and pro being allowed to continue their respective events at their own risk. To say the last minute turn of events created a small amount of chaos would be an understatement. Co-Promoter, Bob Loriner stated, “The expo will return next year along with the ASC 33 but a decision had to be made to protect people from themselves based in the information being provided at the time. We took steps of precaution and prevention within our control to ensure everyone’s safety by having over 300  Doctors and Nurses on hand along with 500 Thermometers and Hand Sanitizer Stations positioned throughout the venue areas so we did what we could.” Bob was understandably disappointed with the last minute cancellation policy is feeling everyone’s pain and looks forward to his biggest production in 2021 to be a smashing success to make up for this years unfortunate situation as he reminded everyone that Health and Safety come first.

• Arnold presented Triple H with his 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award

• Hofthor won the ASC Words Strongest Man Award for his 3rd time.

Editor in Chief.