Holiday Reminder: 40 Reasons to Keep Exercising!

By Shandy Ortiz
The Beauty Blog
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The holiday season is entering the home stretch, and sugar and butter are still the stars of every food platter. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, some things do have to be put off for later, but your exercise routine shouldn’t be one of them. Here are 40 benefits of exercise to spark your motivation during the holidays—40 reasons to give yourself the gift of exercise this year.


40 Reasons to Keep Exercising

1) Improves mood.

2) Strengthens the heart.

3) Helps prevent colds.

4) Reduces stress.

5) Improves concentration.

6) Eases back pain.

7) Improves self-esteem.

8) Improves balance.

9) Reduces risk of diabetes.

10) Increases sports performance.

11) Strengthens bones.

12) Lowers high blood pressure.

13) Alleviates anxiety.

14) Increases energy.

15) Improves confidence.

16) Lessens fatigue.

17) Improves productivity.

18) Has anti-aging effects.

19) Improves muscle strength.

20) Improves cholesterol.

21) Helps prevent strokes.

22) Improves sleep.

23) Improves posture.

24) Improves memory.

25) Reduces body fat.

26) Increases sex drive and satisfaction.

27) Reduces arthritis.

28) Improves mental health.

29) Improves breathing.

30) Increases longevity.

31) Improves digestion.

32) Reduces joint discomfort

33) Improves quality of life.

34) Reduces inflammation

35) Regulates hormones.

36) Improves organ function.

37) Improves mental sharpness.

38) Improves skin tone.

39) Increases pain resistance.


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Shandy Ortiz is an IFBB professional bikini athlete, fitness model, Bombshell regional coach, and BeautyFit athlete. She discovered bodybuilding just 2 years ago and instantly fell in love, earning pro status at just her fifth competition. She loves coaching, training, and mentoring other women to achieve their personal goals and become the best version of themselves. She also loves spending time with her husband and children, and she enjoys reading, traveling and riding horses.