Straight Talk for the New Year!

By Roger Lockridge

How often have you logged on to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, seen the images or videos of some jacked dude or a hottie looking amazing, and thought to yourself “What I would give to look like that”?

Perhaps you’ve aspired to make it onto a competitive stage, or to try your luck at modeling, but you just couldn’t pull the trigger.  Whether it’s a fear of failure or a lack of knowledge – something always stops you!

This isn’t some inspirational post with a bunch of cheerleader nonsense. This is straight talk.

Year after year, you want to do it, you make the resolution to go for it, and by February 1st it’s forgotten. Don’t let it happen again in 2016.  Whether you want to compete, model, or do anything else in the bodybuilding or fitness industry, there has NEVER been a better time to go for it than right now!

There has never been more avenues for exposure than right now.  There has never been more opportunities to succeed than right now.  I don’t just mean getting your 15 minutes either.  You can make your living and live your dreams in 2016.  All the meals, all the workouts, all the miles you’ve logged on those cardio machines, pursuing a dream that you’ve thought might be out of reach, would be worth it if you had that one opportunity to grab it.

I’m telling you that it’s closer right now than it’s ever been. Social media and YouTube have become powerful marketing tools you can use and control.  There are new supplement companies, websites (like this one), podcasts, and publishing groups popping up everywhere…and they need YOU, just like you need THEM.  New divisions and contests are debuting regularly and that means athletes have more chances to compete and make an impact. There’s only one thing missing from the equation for you to make it happen.  YOU!!

I’m asking you, I’m begging you – Don’t let another year go by without chasing your dream.   This may just be your best chance to catch it.   Happy 2016!