There’s Only One Comparison That Matters

By Roger Lockridge

Over the course of my nearly two decades in the fitness world, I’ve offered support to countless men and women, helping many reach their goals.  Something nearly everyone has in common is that someone inspired them! Whether it’s a celebrity, fitness industry star, or a successful person in their own hometown, someone inspired them to move forward because of his or her amazing example.

In some cases, they were so inspired that they even decided to make a career in fitness, many becoming hometown celebs in their own right.

Although the hearts of many folks are in the right place, their minds have made a mistake that comes back to cost them. Did you see what it is? As they move forward they begin comparing their progress and success with that person that serves as the source of that drive. Inevitably they get frustrated because the comparisons often come up short.

If they’re trying to make a name for themselves in the fitness industry, they might compare their following on social media, number of features, endorsements, and finances to their heroes. Eventually they don’t see themselves as successful and get down on themselves. Suddenly, the person who inspired them to start becomes a source of aggravation. So what can you do?

Stop Comparing!!!

Comparing your progress and success to others can be a mistake, often holding you back from reaching your full potential. Why? Because everyone’s circumstances are different. We don’t have the same backgrounds, physical attributes, genetics, knowledge, medical histories, etc.

Can you really be expected to achieve the same results as the person that serves as your inspiration if you don’t share the same circumstances? I won’t say it’s impossible but it’s unlikely. Another question to consider is if that person you look up to would have achieved success if he or she had to start where you started. Who knows!

So Who Should You Compare Yourself To?

My goal here isn’t to deter you from measuring your success, but the question now is who do you compare to? That answer stares at you every time you look in a mirror.  Compare yourself to yourself. Simply put: Compare where you are today to where you used to be.

Take a few minutes to analyze where you were at when you began your fitness journey. How did you feel? How did you look? Where was your mind at? Now answer those questions about yourself in the present? I’d be willing to bet that when you do this, you’ll no longer recognize your former self. The differences between where you are and where you started should not only be measured, but it should be celebrated!!!

If you’re starting out on the road to your fitness destiny, heed this advice now so you can prevent frustration later on and maximize your opportunities for success as you move forward.

And remember, when it comes to your personal success, there truly is NO COMPARISON!

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