Fit Recipe: High Protein Frozen Yogurt Treats

From the Kitchen of
Stefanie Antorcha

Hey ya’ll and welcome back to the Antorcha kitchen at!! I don’t know about where you live, but it is so freaking hot here in South Florida!!!!! I mean, just walking from the front door to the car you end up in a bowl of sweat! Today I have a SUPER easy healthy treat for ya’ll that will help you cool down and also fuel your body!

High Protein Frozen Yogurt Treats

What you will need:

1 cup strawberries

3 tbsp. coconut oil (melted)

¼ cup almonds

2 tbsp. stevia

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup nonfat Greek yogurt

1 scoop bombshell banana beauty whey

¼ cup sugar free maple syrup

Place 6 cupcake liners in a large cupcake tray, and SPRAY bottom of liners with nonstick cooking spray (this will just help get the yogurt cups out of the tray easier).

In a mixing bowl combine chopped strawberries, chopped nuts, stevia and coconut oil and mix. This will be the “crust” of your frozen yogurt treats.

TIP: if you don’t like things chunky, or just want more of a thin layer of crust, blend all of these ingredients together to create a smooth mixture.

Spread the mixture over the bottom of the cupcake liners.

The Frozen Yogurt Part: Combine Greek yogurt, protein powder, and syrup in a mixing bowl.  Stir vigorously until mixture is smooth and creamy.  Spread evenly over top of treat crust.

TIP: you can add toppings if you’d like. More fruit, nuts, flavored chips anything your heart, or diet, wants!!!

Freeze for at least 4 hrs.

Take out and enjoy!!!! There you have it. A perfect little summer treat; filled with protein, probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants you can feel great with no guilt!!! Till next time ya’ll!!

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