When “Pro Bodybuilding Weekly” was launched on June 13th 2005, it became the first talk radio show devoted exclusively to the world of professional bodybuilding. Created by Dan Solomon, the program gives bodybuilding fans the opportunity to hear directly from the biggest names in bodybuilding, along with spirited discussions on the hottest topics in bodybuilding!  With the support of a loyal audience and devoted sponsors, the program enters its 12th year!  The show’s hosts have welcomed an “A-List” of celebrities and iconic champions, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and every winner of the Mr. Olympia contest! Memorable episodes have included visits with bodybuilding pioneers Joe Weider, Ben Weider, Lou Ferrigno, among others. PBW radio is proud of its long standing alliances with the IFBB’s Pro League and the NPC, the world’s most influential bodybuilding organizations.  Re-named “Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide” in 2012, the show stands tall as the bodybuilding industry’s longest running multimedia production.

What they’re saying…

 “The broadcasts have caught on as a weekly staple for committed bodybuilding fans.”
Muscle & Fitness Magazine – February 2007

 “Bodybuilding’s first true version of talk-radio has become a huge hit.”
MuscleMag International – August 2006

 “The direction that the show is going so far has boded extremely well for our community. And, as more and more of us tune in, it becomes more powerful.”
Muscular Development Magazine – August 2006

 “From its early beginnings, the show has become a must-listen for all true bodybuilding fans.”
Flex Magazine – January 2007

 “This program is playing an important role in promoting the sport on a larger scale.”
Jim Manion – IFBB Pro League President

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