Book Review: Vince’s Secret Locker

By Dan Solomon Publisher Joe Weider used to tell me “Bodybuilding isn’t about the physiques.  It’s about the stories and the things we can learn from our greatest champions.” I was reminded of this recently when I received a copy of a book called Vince’s Secret Locker, a beautifully crafted hard cover special edition authored […]

New Book: The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible

Commentary by Dan Solomon There was a time, not long ago, when hormone therapy was a discrete topic, whispered about among the various alternatives to so-called conventional medicine.  Needless to say, a lot has changed in recent years.  Responsible management of hormone levels in men and women has become a gateway to a healthy, balanced […]

The Tijuana Affair: From the New Book by John Hansen

Editor’s Note: This article by John Hansen is from his new book, “Bodybuilding Heroes and Legends”.  John serves as Digital Muscle’s Natural Bodybuilding Editor and is one of the bodybuilding world’s true storytellers.  Please join us in congratulating John on his new book.  We hope you enjoy this excerpt, a classic story of time Sergio Oliva […]

New Book: Bodybuilding Heroes & Legends

My friend John Hansen is one of the world’s most devoted students of the iron game. His understanding and respect for the rich history of bodybuilding has led him to write Bodybuilding Heroes and Legends, a book of stories chronicling some of bodybuilding’s most defining moments.  John is a former bodybuilding champion and a true storyteller. I recommend […]