Kris Gethin’s Quick Tip #2

Quick Tip #2 – Hamstring Isolation for Real Results:  Widely regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on advanced training concepts, nutrition and supplementation, Executive Editor Kris Gethin presents his new Quick Tips Series, aimed at sharing many of the philosophies that helped earn him global acclaim as an athlete, trainer, author, speaker, editor and industry leader.  Check back each week as Digital Muscle shares a new “Quick Tip” from Kris as we partner with you on your strength and fitness journey.

Quick Tip: Hamstring Isolation

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Kris Gethin, a former editor-in-chief at, is the Executive Editor and Senior Producer here at Digital Muscle. The author of several books, including the #1 best seller Body by Design, Gethin also co-founded the widely successful Kaged Muscle brand.  Creator of the popular DTP training method, Gethin rose to fame as one of the world’s top natural bodybuilders, eventually becoming one of the industry’s most influential personalities. His articles and teachings have been published in hundreds of magazines throughout the world and now you’ll find Kris right here at the fitness industry’s media hub.