Weight-Training Basics for Beginners

Ask the Bikini Coach By Gigi Amurao As a trainer, I get tons of questions, especially from the newbies I work with. Here are some of the most common queries I’m asked about weight training. If you’re just starting out on a fitness program or embarking on a new fit lifestyle, understand that success will […]

Bikini Competitors: Do You Need a Custom Suit?

Ask the Bikini Coach By Gigi Amurao Hi Coach, Do I really have to get a custom-made suit to do a bikini competition? I can’t really afford one—I’m thinking I’ll get one off the rack, at least for my first show. Does it really matter? I get asked this question all the time, and to […]

Ask the Bikini Coach!

By Gigi Amurao Got a question for the Bikini Coach? If you’re new around here – My name’s Gigi Amurao, and I’m a veteran trainer and coach and an active IFBB bikini pro. If you’re not familiar with me, check out my other DigitalMuscle.com articles where I write about pretty much anything I want. As […]