Ask the Doc: Talkin’ Testosterone Therapy with Dr. Rand (Video Series)

Dr. Rand McClain, one of the world’s renowned experts in Hormone Replacement Therapies, is back with a new episode of his popular “Ask the Doc” series – now on  On this episode someone asks if fragment 171-191 can help burn more body fat, and a 30 year old man’s physician is reluctant to put him on TRT despite symptoms. Released on … Read More

Joint Supplements: Not Exciting….but Necessary!

By: Matt Weik If you’re anything like me, you get excited to take your joint and bone support supplements every day (can you smell the sarcasm?). I keep them next to my bed on the nightstand so I can wake up to the bottle every morning.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  It’s exciting to even think about.  Wait, … Read More

Dr. Goldman’s Predictions for the Future

By Dan Solomon There are few things we enjoy more than a good prediction. Many of you will recall one of the fitness world’s most iconic predictions, a list of 10 prognostications made back in 1950 by legendary publisher Joe Weider (July 1950 issue of Your Physique Magazine).  Long before muscle was trendy, Joe accurately predicted the impact body building … Read More

Report: The World Congress on Anti-Aging

By Dan Solomon, Publisher Last weekend in Hollywood, Florida, I had the rare privilege of attending the World Congress on Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, a pioneering organization co-founded by Dr. Bob Goldman. The anti-aging movement is the fastest growing segment of the global health & wellness industry, but more importantly, its impact on conventional medicine is immeasurable. The Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine … Read More