RedCon1: Employee Spotlight of the Month (April)

Employee Spotlight of the Month:
Eric Hart, Vice President 

As part of an ongoing series aimed at bringing you closer to the business side of the sports nutrition industry, shines a spotlight on a member of the team at RedCon1, one of the world’s leading supplement brands.  The selected employee has been chosen by the company’s CEO and is being showcased here at the Fitness Industry’s Media Hub.  The Employee Spotlight for the month of April belongs to supplement industry insider Eric Hart.  Join us in congratulating Eric as we get to know him with this brief Q&A.

Eric, Congratulations on being chosen for the Employee Spotlight of the Month. What’s your job title at RedCon1 and how long have you worked with company founder Aaron Singerman?

My title is Vice President. I’ve been with Aaron since day one at RedCon1. He called me when I was at an indoor play place with my son to ask me if I wanted to work with him and the next day we sat in his kitchen and developed the brand.

Can you give us a short description of your responsibilities?

I wear a lot of hats around the office and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am responsible for manufacturing, international sales, corporate sales, operations, etc. Hell, I even take out the trash on a regular basis. Pretty much whatever is needed to help keep things growing, that is what I do!

Eric Hart visits with Arnold Schwarzenegger

What’s your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of my job is getting to do what I love, everyday single day. I was with another company for a very long time. That company changed and I eventually stepped away. It was a company I loved and was part of who I was and I felt like I probably wouldn’t ever work in the industry again (it would be hard to replace that feeling). With REDCON1 and Aaron, I essentially got to write the ultimate job description for myself; everything I love to do and have skills for, I get to do on a daily basis.

What have you learned about yourself since joining the company?

I think I’ve learned I have a hell of a lot more horsepower and bandwidth than I ever thought I did. We don’t stop here, and I meant that in a good way. We are always pushing and we never let up. That is why we are in the position we are in now, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Describe your gym progress/goals, etc..

Right now I am just starting a transformation. The last 4 years I’ve essentially been a lazy bastard. Once my youngest son was born I focused on being a dad and not myself, which has led me to a physique I am not happy with. So I am in the process of buckling down and doing a full prep essentially. It will all be documented and available on under the Tuba Talks section.

Which RedCon1 products are you currently taking?

My staple products are as follows:

DOUBLE TAPBefore Cardio each morning
RPGI take it on my high carb days with each meal
MRE LITEThis is my first meal post cardio each day
TOTAL WARI Always take this pre-training, especially when I do heavy lifts
GRUNTNever finish a workout without EAAs
MRE BARSWhen the sweet tooth hits mid day, I’ll eat a bar. Somedays, on a carb day, I will use it as my first meal after cardio.

What’s your number one career goal?

I want to leave a positive mark on the history of supplements. When people talk about supplements some time from now, I want them to talk about how REDCON1 changed things for the better. If we do that, I will feel very successful in what I do each day.

Final question: With so many choices, why should someone choose RedCon1 for their supplement needs?

Everyone trains to get results. I recommend REDCON1 because if you put in the work you need to, we are your support system. Our products are dosed properly, we are fully transparent, and they work. But not only that, we give you the resources from training, diet, work/life balance, etc to be successful. The last thing I’d want someone to do is buy a bunch of supplements and not know what to do in and out of the gym to make the best use of them. From day one, we made a conscious effort to give consumers the resources they need to be successful, whether it’s supplements or just advice, we provide the tools to be at your highest state of readiness.

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