Supplement Review: Vaso-Factor by GiaLabs

By Matt Samansky

GIA-Labs was founded in 2014 under the determined leadership of CEO Jason Giardino. Having sampled more pre-workouts than I can count, I am always searching for new ones to try. The new-kid-on-the-block mystique of GIA-Labs intrigued me to try Vaso-Factor. Let’s take a look at the ingredient profile that piqued my interest and see if it has the makings of becoming the next big thing.

During a process called decarboxylation, carboxylic acid is removed from the amino acid L-Arginine and the end result is Agmatine Sulfate. Aside from it’s cognitive and painkilling benefits, Agmatine Sulfate assists to regulate nitric oxide levels, or the “pump” chased by hardcore lifters.

 L-Citrulline is a non-essential (meaning it is synthesized in the body) vasodilating amino acid. By definition, vasodilators relax your arterial walls allowing for more efficient blood flow throughout the body. This has many health benefits including blood pressure regulation, decreased risk of heart disease, and increased nitric oxide levels.

How often did your mom tell you to “eat your vegetables?” You probably thought “this woman is nuts!” Well, she might have been onto something when it comes to veggies and their effects on training.  Among their many benefits, beet root, in particular, can lower blood pressure and increase blood flow, improving overall exercise performance.

We all know about creatine. It is the most studied supplement on the market for improving exercise performance and muscle mass. Creatine is naturally synthesized in the body and commonly found in red meat, further disproving any skepticism that surrounds it. Creatine is found in many forms within Vaso-Factor. According to a 2011 study by Vireo Systems, creatine hydrochloride is 59 times more soluble than its monohydrate variation, providing all the benefits of the latter without the bloat. This means less water retention experienced by the user. Creatinol-O-Phosphate is another variation on the supplement found within GIA-Labs’ pre-workout powder. COP is not a muscle-building molecule, but instead protects the cardiovascular system and regulates the risk of irregular heartbeats.

The next amino acid found in Vaso-Factor’s endurance blend is beta-alanine. When paired with creatine, this amino acid increases short-term energy production allowing for an extra two or three reps with heavy weight. Beta-Alanine is also known for it’s immediate effect of giving the user the “tingles.”

Rounding out the endurance blend is betaine, which assists in regulating essential bodily organs such as eyesight, heart, brain, and nerve function.

Vaso Factor’s I-Blend is made up of a combination of commonly used ingredients, and those not typically found in dietary supplements. We know L-Tyrosine enhances cognitive function for increased focus in the gym, and caffeine anhydrous provides energy to fuel taxing gym sessions. Two supplements I was unfamiliar with prior to this review are Gymnema Sylvestra and Banaba Leaf Extract. Both aid in the acceleration of weight loss by decreasing absorption of sugar from the intestine.

I have experimented with many dosages of this pre-workout at various points throughout the day. One scoop fasted, one scoop after multiple meals, two scoops, etc. I have found that taking this pre-workout is most effective for morning lifters battling grogginess. Supplementing with Vaso-Factor for latter day training sessions can be effective if a nitric oxide boost and improved mental focus are what you seek. Vaso-Factor is a welcomed change to the heavy stimulant pre-workouts I tend to prefer. Most notably, this supplement yields some of the best skin-splitting pumps I have seen!


Quality of Ingredients: Vaso-Factor pre-workout is a semi-proprietary blend comprised of a 2,500mg nitric oxide matrix, 4,800mg energy brew, and 560mg intensity concoction. Each and every one of the ingredients found in this supplement are effective in their own right, but the proprietary blends make me nervous. How are we, as customers, to know the effective dosage is in the final product? The answer is we don’t and the lack of transparency is unfair. 17/25.

Safety of Product: The ingredients included in Vaso-Factor show no evidence of being harmful by any means. That includes both variations of creatine. Without proper water intake, however, the user is subject to dehydration. 23/25.

 Effectiveness: GIA-Labs’ pre-workout delivers on every promise it makes. Providing energy without the crash, vasodilation, and mental focus. After experimenting with multiple dosages of the supplement, I have found two scoops yields optimal effects. 22/25.

Price: 30 servings of Vaso-Factor can be purchased direct exclusively from GIA-Labs’ website for the high $40 mark. Like I said, two scoops yields optimal response. At my recommended two scoops per serving, $45 (plus shipping) is a bit much. 20/25.

Overall: The supplement industry is riddled with stimulant filled pre-workout powders. GIA-Labs has found the correct combination of nitric oxide boosters, energy spiking ingredients, and cognitive enhancers all while leaving the jitters and negative side effects behind. Vaso-Factor Pre provides 30-servings of “clean” energy, mental focus, and maximum blood flow to the muscles. For those seeking a boost in or out of the gym without the caffeine crash, look no further than GIA-Labs’ Vaso-Factor pre-workout. 83/100.


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