My New Home Here at Digital Muscle!

By Tad The Diet Coach, NPC Content Editor

Hi All,

Welcome to my new home here at Digital Muscle! Many of you already know me as a nutritionist and a contest prep coach for the last 27+ years, but I am also known for being Mr. Positivity!  Yes, I am a diet coach and I do work with hundreds of Pro and Amateur athletes in every competitive division, and I have done so for the last few decades, but my primary belief is in a life dedicated to only positivity!

I also serve as a judge at NPC National Level events and now IFBB Pro events.  I love sharing my perspectives to anyone who cares to listen.  This is the life that I love and I love to share it as often as possible.  For those of you who might be new to the competition scene, the NPC and the IFBB are the two premier competitive bodybuilding & fitness organizations in the world.

As the new NPC Content Editor here at Digital Muscle, I’ll be serving up all sorts of perspective on various NPC/IFBB topics such as posing, judging, critiques on athletes, nutrition, supplements, positivity, a champion’s mindset, and anything YOU want to hear about!  I am here to add value to your experience and keep you informed on NPC and IFBB news and views!

Keep an eye out for me on the various event webcasts produced by Digital Muscle!  I’m excited to also offer up some video content and to participate in Digital Muscle’s exclusive webcast coverage of the upcoming Arnold Classic.  There’s a lot of great buzz surrounding Digital Muscle and I’m excited to work with Dan and his team as it continues to grow.

Check back soon!!  In the mean time, here’s a link to an interview I did with IFBB Bikini Star India Paulino on my “3 Questions” Podcast.  And as always, I want to hear from you!!  My contact and social media info are listed above.

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