Fit Destinations: Sedona & White Sand

By Paul and Magda Wilk

Hi Guys and welcome back to our fitness and travel blog. We want to first thank everyone who has been following us here at on our travel blog and a special thanks to everyone who has joined us on some of our amazing fitness road trips!

Today we’ll tell you about 2 recent destinations; Sedona, Arizona and White Sand, New Mexico. Both places were amazing and we highly recommend you go there!

Hello Sedona! What a spectacular place to visit! There is no other place like this. Known for its incredible scenery and beautiful red rocks it offers so much for the adventurous and fitness oriented traveler. With over 300 miles of trails through scenic canyons it’s ideal for hiking and mountain biking. Sedona also offers yoga retreats and different spas. Considered a sacred and spiritual place by Native Americans, it is recognized as a place of healing. The energy can be felt by the vortex sites. Many visitors go there for spiritual healing and meditation. 4 Main vortex sites are: Boyton Canyon, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Airport Mesa. Very cool!

Sedona is also full of art galleries, amazing restaurants and off-road trails so if you’re into that make sure to bring your 4×4! With so many possibilities it offers something different for everyone! We spent a couple of days hiking and we highly recommend it for everyone! We also filmed outdoor workout and yoga videos there. Of course as you can imagine, we always take either dumbbells or sand bags with us for the road trip and in this surroundings it was an awesome experience! You can see the videos on our YouTube channel WILKFITNESSCOM. We’ll be going back to Sedona for sure!

Next stop was White Sand National Monument in New Mexico. This 275 square mile white sand desert is the largest of its kind in the world. It has huge dunes as far as the eyes can see. The sand is very fine composed of gypsum which reflects the sun’s rays, making it cool to touch. This place offers incredible views as well as different activities such as hiking, horse back riding and you can even go sliding down the dunes. Driving to the dunes is very scenic. This place is so Zen!  We stayed here from sunrise to sunset and we highly recommend it!

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Both are amazing! At sunset the warm colours light up the sand dunes, it’s simply breathtaking. We hiked, explored the area and trained on the dunes! What a cool experience! Lunges, sprints and reptile climbers up those dunes were super intense! Check out the video from this workout as well. This place is definitely worth the drive even for one day. For those who want to camp overnight, there is a camping area available. So pack, get in the car and explore!

Until next time. Train Hard. Live Well.

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