A cautionary tale of going too far.

By Shawn Ray

How far is too far when you’re in pursuit of greatness? All too often we hear the stories of Triumph over Failure and to the Victor goes the spoils but what happens to those who indulge in excess and no success?

The Edge for some is a lot further out than most are willing to travel. While some athletes aim for physical perfection others shoot for the freakiness of freaky hoping to standout and be counted as Unique or Unworldly as if there can be only one but sadly there are many and the bodydismorophia that’s associated with the lack mental awareness draws our eyes to them as if witnessing a car wreck.

To build ones body the mind must visualize the end game. The process is as fundamental and rudimentary as building a house using blue prints, measurements and various ingredients so that it stands strong and last the test of time. Sadly however, in the bodybuilding world the body will go where the mind takes it. When using the wrong materials, ingredients and building blocks, we quickly see that a body built on fantasy lasts about as long as an appetizer at a banquet wedding.

Nothing screams failure more than an athlete who’s filled his muscles and body with Synthol to in essence appear even bigger than his body is actually designed to appear. The enhanced body parts scream failure at first blush like a bad boob job on a female desperate for attention!

This phenomenon is not unusual in all parts of the world. There is clearly a mental disconnect with what looks good, great and exceptional in the minds of these wanna be athletes that never were. Most clearly appear as if they’ve never even put in time in the gym. Some may have yet still appear as misfits at a PT Barnum and Bailey Circus act with zero Talent to display with respect for putting in the hard work at the gym.

While there may never be a clear cut answer as to the How and Why’s for these wanna be nobodies in search of recognition in or out of the gym, it consistently begs the question, “How far is too far?” Where is the Line you’re not supposed to cross when trying to display what’s supposed to be hard work and dedication of sweat equity in the gym?

I think regardless of how dangerous it may appear with respect to the Health Factor here, there will always be those individuals whom without respect or caution to what they put in their bodies will continue to exist so long as there’s any level of recognition, admiration or infatuation bestowed upon these  individuals. I think some of these people live and breathe off the attention we give them which in essence is the saddest part of it all.


Editor in Chief.