The Cost of being a Bodybuilder

by Shawn Ray

Before you embark on trying fulfill your dream of becoming a bodybuilder, there are a few things you may want to consider first in your pursuit of perfection.

One of the most important aspects few athletes take into consideration is the Cost.
Bodybuilding and fitness can be very expensive if you get head over heals into it but neglect to study the financial aspect of trying to achieve greatness.

In this industry everything costs money:

• Gym Memberships

• Federation Membership

• Coach

• Meal Prep

• Tanning

• Contest Entry Fee

• Posing Suits

• Tanning

• Flights

• Hotels

• Hair & Make-up

• Supplements

The athletes that are solely focused on changing their bodies through repetitious training, dieting and eating can be blinded by the finish line of success. Meanwhile, the overriding factor here is the All Mighty Dollar! If you have Money, the Journey is easier. However, if you don’t have money the road to success can be winding and uphill which can derail the most strategic plans of the ambitious into reoccurring nightmares of road blocks and bad decisions ultimately leading you to skid row instead of the promise land.

For many, the dream of training at Golds Gym and being in magazines were all the rage. Eat, sleep and train while waiting for Joe Weider to discover you is a dream that has long since sailed. The history and folklore of the Golds Gym Fame has faded into memories of yesterday’s past and while Joe is no longer with us, the dream of one day being discovered for many continues……

The thrill of the Pump, the excitement of Posing, the Roar of the Crowd and the sound of the Shuttering Cameras resonate with the few hungry athletes who Dare to Dream and moreover pursue the Dream that legends like Tom Platz and others pursued back in the day.

The reality of striking gold in the bodybuilding business is slim and none for most however, one must Dare to Dream if Dreams are to ever come true!!!

Before you decide that Bodybuilding is what you want to do or that you’d simply like to try and compete in Physique, Fitness, Bikini or Wellness you’d be wise to count the costs. It would be wise to research the industry and educate yourself about the “Business of Bodybuilding” and what it involves physically and financially in order to be best prepared to finish the journey. Only then can one clearly see the finish line in efforts to focus on the Dream of becoming an elite Olympian or even better Mr. Olympia!

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