Wings of Strength Acquires Digital Muscle Media

For Immediate Release (October 2018) In a move that signals a shift in the category of bodybuilding and fitness media, WINGS OF STRENGTH has acquired DIGITAL MUSCLE MEDIA, an online media property founded by media insider Dan Solomon.  The deal is part of WINGS OF STRENGTH’s strategy to expand its footprint in the global bodybuilding community.

Wings of Strength CEO Jake Wood explains, “We started years ago by creating opportunities and advocacy for female bodybuilders.  We then expanded to event promotion as a way to support all corners of the competitive physique community.  Now, with this acquisition, we’ve added an established, high integrity media destination, ideal for creating even more opportunities for those who share our passion for living a stronger and more muscular lifestyle.”

DIGITAL MUSCLE gained recognition early on when Solomon secured webcast rights to some of the world’s high-profile bodybuilding and fitness events, including the Arnold Classic. A veteran host and commentator of the annual Mr. Olympia contest, Solomon recently served as Co-Executive Producer of the soon-to-be released motion picture BIGGER, the story of bodybuilding pioneer Joe Weider.  A recipient of the IFBB’s Lifetime Achievement Medal, Solomon joins Wood’s long range initiative to broaden the Wings of Strength brand, reaching new and more diverse audiences.

Dan Solomon & Jake Wood

Co-Founder of the annual Rising Phoenix World Bodybuilding Championships along with other regional events, Wood adds, “My vision has always been to constantly evolve.  The addition of Digital Muscle comes as we are moving into our new world headquarters building. We have some very exciting things planned.”

Solomon shares, “I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Jake over the last several years.  We share a common vision when it comes to creating wide reaching opportunities for bodybuilders.  But no one can match his intense passion or his courage. He is fearless and highly strategic. I’m incredibly excited to work with Jake to build a media powerhouse.”

About Digital Muscle:
Digital Muscle is a content rich destination in the world of fitness media – loaded with original programming, event webcasts, articles, video series, and multimedia covering the high-octane world of overall human performance.  Created by long time fitness industry insider Dan Solomon, Digital Muscle is providing a home for the most influential and knowledgeable insiders, experts and content providers from all corners of the global fitness and bodybuilding community. Digital Muscle is also a member of the Apple News Network, one of the world’s leading content syndicators.  For more information, contact [email protected]

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