Experts. Embrace the Real Ones!

By Dan Solomon

We receive a pile of emails here every day. Most are opinions or questions about articles published here at, a diverse assortment of topics ranging from training & nutrition to supplementation & bodybuilding.  Yesterday I got an email from a guy in London with the words, “Tired of the So Called Experts” in the subject line.  The email was a spirited rant about certain people in the fitness/bodybuilding world who like to call themselves “Experts”.

As a courtesy to the writer, I won’t mention his name. But I’ll agree that he made some really valid points when he pointed out that “everyone and their mother thinks he’s an expert”, but few have the knowledge and experience to truly back it up.

His email got me thinking. The rapid increase in “wannabe” experts should make all of us appreciate the men and women who have actually earned the right to distinguish themselves as experts!

For this week’s blog entry I’d like to draw attention to IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski. At various points over the years I’ve had the chance to sit down with Ben to discuss his training strategies, nutrition philosophies, and his overall approach to building muscle.

Let me begin by telling you that Ben didn’t ask me to write this. Nor did he pay me to author a bullshit testimonial.  This is a GENUINE observation of Ben’s remarkable understanding of the physique transformation process.  The guy is a fu%#&ng genius!!!

His opinions are sought by industry leaders at the highest level. Supplement formulators constantly pick his brain, while equipment manufacturers lean on Ben to help engineer new pieces of advanced gym equipment.  If there’s a new angle, a new grip or a new way to create resistance, the chances are pretty good that Ben has found it.  I once met a guy who flew 25 hours from Australia to Florida just to spend 6 hours learning from Ben.

Ben’s Mi40 training facility in Tampa has been called one of the most well equipped private facilities in the United States. His seminars often require a waiting list and his membership site is widely regarded as the best in the category.

Ben isn’t alone. There are other legitimate authorities out there.  Many of them contribute here at Digital Muscle.  Guys like Dr. Doug Kalman, Chad Nicholls, Scott Iardella, and others.

So the next time you find yourself frustrated by the arrival of another self-proclaimed so-called expert, take comfort in knowing that we are surrounded by some serious brain power in this industry. You just have to know where to find it.

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