A Rising in the Desert: Reflections on the Rising Phoenix

By: Dan Solomon Editor-In-Chief A quiet suburb of Phoenix, known for its annual ostrich festival and the sprawling Sonoran Desert, the city of Chandler was turned upside down on Saturday when it was invaded by the most well built women on the planet. The people of Chandler fastened their collective seatbelts as their city hosted the 4th edition of […]

Meet the Director Who Painted a Joe Weider Masterpiece

On October 12th, the motion picture BIGGER lands in theaters as the largest-budgeted bodybuilding themed production of all time.  In the weeks leading up to the release, DigitalMuscle.com presents this exclusive series taking you inside this remarkable project.  Thanks to House of Pain Apparel  for sponsoring our coverage! By Dan Solomon Publisher In the celebrity-driven […]

Monsoon Forces Venue Change at the Rising Phoenix Event

By Dan Solomon Publisher The sport of Women’s Bodybuilding has endured its share of challenges over the years, but it might be hard to top what just went down in Arizona.  Only a few short weeks before the 4th Annual Rising Phoenix World Bodybuilding Championships, a monsoon plowed through the area, making its way to Scottsdale, […]

Just 2 Years Old….and All Grown Up

By Dan Solomon Publisher The sports nutrition industry is loaded with stories of remarkable success.  I’ve personally witnessed men and women turn ideas into major companies, eventually selling them for enough to create generational wealth, while teaching us the kind of lessons that could inspire an entire business school curriculum.  Each success story is unique, […]

The Leading Man Who Brought Joe Weider to Life

On October 12th, the motion picture BIGGER lands in theaters as the largest-budgeted bodybuilding themed production of all time.  In the weeks leading up to the release, DigitalMuscle.com presents this exclusive series taking you inside this remarkable project.  Thanks to House of Pain Apparel  for sponsoring our coverage! By Dan Solomon Co-Executive Producer Turning the […]

Records Shattered at the Tampa Pro

By Dan Solomon Publisher On most Friday and Saturday nights, in cities across the country, dedicated men and women are flexing and posing at an array of fitness competitions.  The best of the best can be found competing in the IFBB Professional League, the sanctioning body that oversees the world’s most prestigious events, including Joe […]

Flex Lewis Opens the Doors to his Dragon’s Lair

By Dan Solomon Publisher Tucked away in a less-traveled corner of South Florida, The Dragon’s Lair is the cleverly named world headquarters of Flex Lewis, known in bodybuilding circles as the Welsh Dragon, a superstar bodybuilder in the prime of his career. Housed inside this spacious multi-level facility is the kind of gym that could […]

Book Review: Vince’s Secret Locker

By Dan Solomon Publisher Joe Weider used to tell me “Bodybuilding isn’t about the physiques.  It’s about the stories and the things we can learn from our greatest champions.” I was reminded of this recently when I received a copy of a book called Vince’s Secret Locker, a beautifully crafted hard cover special edition authored […]

Spotlight on Simulated Altitude Training

By Dan Solomon Publisher One of the perks of a 20-year career in the fitness industry is the chance to witness new innovations impacting human performance, physique transformation and overall athletic achievement.  In some cases, passing trends are disguised as innovation by savvy marketers, but every so often something emerges that makes all of us […]

Muscle Buzz: News From Around the Bodybuilding Scene

By Dan Solomon Publisher The Rock Came to Play:  It’s no secret that the larger-than-life world of Dwayne Johnson brings him from city to city, juggling the demands of an unrelenting schedule.  If you follow him on social media you’re well aware that the action star seldom misses a workout.  Recently, while in New York to promote […]

Olympia Storylines: Part 1

By Dan Solomon Publisher Bodybuilding’s biggest weekend is fast approaching and for the 20th consecutive year it’ll all go down in Vegas!  After moving from city to city during its first 30+ years, Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend has found what appears to be a permanent home in the city that’s hosted the event each year […]

Fitness Innovation: Astro-Durance Bungee Training

By Dan Solomon Publisher The fitness industry continues to evolve thanks mostly to advancements in training, nutrition and science, but make no mistake about it, at the center of this constant state of evolution are the innovators, the men and women with the courage and the capacity to see what’s truly possible.  During my 20 […]


By Dan Solomon Publisher For fans of world class physiques and superhero bodies, the biggest weekend of the year is fast approaching.  On September 13-16 Las Vegas will once again host Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend, a tradition that began back in 1965.  This year’s event marks the 20th consecutive year that Vegas will serve as […]

President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition (Members Announced)

By Dan Solomon Publisher Last week when President Trump announced his selections for the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition, all eyes were on the various celebrities hand-picked by the President, household names like Bill Belichick, a Superbowl champion, Mariano Rivera, a baseball legend, Dr. Oz, a television star, and others who have garnered […]


By Dan Solomon The highly anticipated film inspired by the remarkable story of bodybuilding pioneer Joe Weider has wrapped up post-production and is on its way to the South of France for its maiden screening.  BIGGER, directed by George Gallo, will be screened privately for international film buyers on May 9th and 12th at the […]

I May Have Discovered the World’s Coolest Company

By Dan Solomon Publisher “People, not products, will make us number one.”  His companies have given way to some of the most respected sports nutrition products in the world, but CEO Jack Owoc’s message was loud and clear on Wednesday afternoon as hundreds gathered inside a Renaissance Hotel ballroom for the company’s annual meeting.  If […]

A Classic Visit – My Day with the Lorimers

By Dan Solomon Earlier this week (2016) I boarded a flight to Columbus, a trip I’ve taken nearly every year since the late 90’s.  A journey that typically marks the arrival of one of the year’s biggest events.  But this trip was different.  When I arrived there weren’t any crowds.  The streets weren’t filled with […]

A Digital Muscle Update: The 30 Day Report!

By Dan Solomon, Publisher Editorial /Content Team Expansion Continues! Superstore Set to Open Soon! Production Crew Preparing for Arnold Classic Webcast! Details for New Season of PBW Radio Coming This Week!   Well, it’s only been a month since we launched Digital Muscle and we’ve already eclipsed many of the goals our team originally set […]

Industry Buzz: New Online Editor at MD

By Dan Solomon, Publisher Since its arrival in 1964, Muscular Development has been a leading title in the competitive world of bodybuilding media.  Acquired by Steve Blechman in 2001, the magazine has undergone several changes, ranging from editorial presentation to staff personnel.  In his latest move, Blechman has named David Baye as MD’s new online […]

Industry Spotlight: Meet Heinz Senior

By Dan Solomon The fitness & bodybuilding community is comprised of a passionate and diverse group of men and women who have devoted their lives to staying fit, building muscle and living longer. Since my arrival in this industry I’ve always held a special appreciation for the cultural diversity within this unique sub-culture.  The language […]

A Hardcore Visionary: Rob DiMaggio – Industry Spotlight

By Dan Solomon The supplement industry, it’s loaded with dynamic personalities, risk-takers, and innovators. Over the years I’ve gotten to know many of them. No two are alike. Some have achieved ungodly wealth while others have struggled to survive beyond the first year.   The real trailblazers are the company owners, those courageous men and women […]

Industry Spotlight: Matt Meinrod

By Dan Solomon, Publisher From Hollywood to the NFL, they’ve migrated to the fitness industry, a place ripe with opportunity.  The fitness & bodybuilding world seems to appeal to all shapes and sizes, with varying degrees of celebrity. The focus of this week’s Industry Spotlight was one the most coveted high school football recruits in […]

New Editors Announced: A Digital Muscle Growth Report

By: Dan Solomon, Publisher When I began working on Digital Muscle, I had no expectations.  There was no plan in place.  I sort of just started building, one brick at a time – pulling together a variety of resources.  I made a few phone calls, called in a few favors, and took a good look […]

Dallas McCarver’s Final Interview

By Dan Solomon Publisher In the early hours of August 22nd, Dallas McCarver’s life came to an unexpected end.  At just 26 years old, this young man had already earned a reputation as one of his sport’s hardest workers, a gentlemen in every sense of the word. Known for his humility and a unique brand of southern charm, the news […]

A Hardcore Visionary: Rob DiMaggio – Industry Spotlight

By Dan Solomon The supplement industry, it’s loaded with dynamic personalities, risk-takers, and innovators. Over the years I’ve gotten to know many of them. No two are alike. Some have achieved ungodly wealth while others have struggled to survive beyond the first year.   The real trailblazers are the company owners, those courageous men and women […]

A New Adventure

By Dan Solomon, Publisher My First Blog Entry:   The 1998 Mr. Olympia – the night an underdog police officer from Texas shocked the world……a triumph that changed the course of Ronnie Coleman’s life.  — For bodybuilding fans, it was the start of a dynasty.  For me, it was the beginning of a career. Hours […]

New Book: The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible

Commentary by Dan Solomon There was a time, not long ago, when hormone therapy was a discrete topic, whispered about among the various alternatives to so-called conventional medicine.  Needless to say, a lot has changed in recent years.  Responsible management of hormone levels in men and women has become a gateway to a healthy, balanced […]

2017 Ben Weider Award Presentation

By Dan Solomon Publisher On Saturday night at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Tampa, I had the great privilege of presenting the prestigious “Ben Weider Lifetime Achievement Award” to Robin Chang, the talented & dedicated promoter of Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend.  We were also honored to have NPC and IFBB Pro League President Jim Manion on hand […]

A Speech for the Ages – Jim Lorimer’s 90th Birthday Address

By Dan Solomon Last weekend I had the rare privilege of celebrating a very special 90th birthday.  The night belonged to Jim Lorimer, the iconic co-creator of the Arnold Classic, one of the most influential living members of the global fitness community. This was no ordinary celebration. The guest list was nearly as extraordinary as […]

Phil Heath Wins 6th Olympia Title! – By Dan Solomon

By Dan Solomon Publisher For the sixth straight year, the Sandow Trophy, awarded to the world’s top bodybuilder, will board a flight from Las Vegas to Denver.  36 year old Phil Heath, from Colorado, has won the 2016 Mr. Olympia title and there was very little question about it.  Heath silenced his critics with a physique […]

Digital Muscle Update!

By Dan Solomon Publisher Hey Guys!  Been a while since I’ve had a chance to sit down and write something for my blog.  The focus around here at DigitalMuscle.com is on expansion and we’ve had ourselves a productive few months.  Our days are focused mostly on evaluating new content providers and new audiences.  2016 was a big […]

Dan Solomon: Video Update & Event Announcement

(Video)  DigitalMuscle.com Publisher Dan Solomon provides updates and announces new event! Also See:  The DigitalMuscle.com Master Archive is LOADED with articles on nutrition, training, fit recipes, research and all things fitness.  Our Master Archive is sponsored by IronmagLabs! Dan Solomon, FounderDan Solomon has earned a reputation as a leader in the world of fitness & […]

Dan Solomon: Catching Up on Emails

By Dan Solomon Publisher With everything going on these last few months, I’ve been doing a TERRIBLE job at hitting the reply button on all the emails that come in each day here at Digital Muscle.  The inbox is nearly as full as a crazy schedule that has me running in a hundred directions.  I guess you can say I really […]

Video Blog: Dan Solomon on Jay Cutler

DigitalMuscle.com Founder and Publisher Dan Solomon extends a personal word of thanks to legendary bodybuilder Jay Cutler and provides updates on new additions here at the Digital Muscle Media Hub. For more info, contact [email protected] Visit the New Digital Muscle Video Archive! Dan Solomon, FounderDan Solomon has earned a reputation as a leader in the […]

Baseball Reporter Roch Kubatko: Built for Success

By Dan Solomon Publisher There are few things that captivate us like professional sports.  For some, it’s a form of worship.  For others, it’s a welcome distraction from the rigors of daily life. I once heard someone describe American sports as the country’s most unhealthy obsession, a world chronicled by sports reporters, those dedicated men […]

Venice Beach’s Dave Bourlet Joins Digital Muscle

In a move to expand its content strategy, Digital Muscle Media has added Venice Beach based bodybuilding insider Dave Bourlet to its team of content providers.  In his new role, Bourlet will serve as a Senior Producer and on-air host for a variety of video series to be featured on the DigitalMuscle.com platform and its […]

Dr. Goldman’s Predictions for the Future

By Dan Solomon There are few things we enjoy more than a good prediction. Many of you will recall one of the fitness world’s most iconic predictions, a list of 10 prognostications made back in 1950 by legendary publisher Joe Weider (July 1950 issue of Your Physique Magazine).  Long before muscle was trendy, Joe accurately […]

Report: The World Congress on Anti-Aging

By Dan Solomon Publisher Last weekend in Hollywood, Florida, I had the rare privilege of attending the World Congress on Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, a pioneering organization co-founded by Dr. Bob Goldman. The anti-aging movement is the fastest growing segment of the global health & wellness industry, but more importantly, its impact on conventional medicine is immeasurable. […]

Dan’s Video Blog: Real Perspective on the Levrone Comeback

Dan Solomon’s Video Blog Series continues with a no nonsense rant about the return of legendary bodybuilder Kevin Levrone.  In this 4 minute video, the DigitalMuscle.com founder provides some perspective on one of the year’s most compelling stories in the world of professional bodybuilding. Also See:  Dan Discusses Dexter Jackson’s Pursuit of Ronnie Coleman’s Record! […]

New Video Blog: Dan on Dexter

Dan Solomon’s new Video Blog series opens with a 3 minute commentary about legendary bodybuilder Dexter Jackson’s pursuit of one of the sport’s most prolific records. Comments?  Click here to access Dan’s contact info! Dan Solomon, FounderDan Solomon has earned a reputation as a leader in the world of fitness & bodybuilding publishing. Having conducted many […]

Weight Loss Notes From Dr. Kalman’s Notebook

By Douglas Kalman PhD, RD, FISSN Nutrition Editor A few items from the note pad to pass along this week… 6 out of 10 are Overweight! Weight loss and weight control is not easy for the majority of society. This is evident by the fact that an alarming ~60% of the American population is either […]

Experts. Embrace the Real Ones!

By Dan Solomon We receive a pile of emails here every day. Most are opinions or questions about articles published here at DigitalMuscle.com, a diverse assortment of topics ranging from training & nutrition to supplementation & bodybuilding.  Yesterday I got an email from a guy in London with the words, “Tired of the So Called […]

The Greatest Minds in Nutrition Will Gather!

By Dan Solomon Fitness Addicts – they come in all shapes and sizes; the endurance athlete, the bodybuilder, the sprinter, the yoga fanatic, the powerlifter, the cross-fitter, the bikini model, the tennis player. The list doesn’t end there.  While it’s true that the global obsession for a fit lifestyle is divided into countless sub-sections, there’s […]

Tyler Hoechlin is Joe Weider

By Dan Solomon Publisher When we first conceived the idea of turning the improbable story of Joe Weider into a scripted, feature film, we knew there’d be challenges. Among the most daunting tasks would be identifying an actor with the chops to play the lead character, a notoriously complex visionary whose story begins in 1920’s […]

Mark Wahlberg Launches Supplement Line!

By Dan Solomon A few years ago I wrote a magazine article about Mark Wahlberg’s burgeoning interest in the business of sports nutrition.  At the time, Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson had just teamed up for PAIN AND GAIN, the outlandishly gruesome story of a Miami personal trainer.  The film paired two of Hollywood’s best-built leading men, […]

Director George Gallo: Painting a Joe Weider Masterpiece

By Dan Solomon Publisher In the celebrity-driven business of movie making, true artists like George Gallo seldom seek the spotlight. A celebrated painter, musician, writer and director, Gallo’s renaissance-man skill set would make Shakespeare blush. When the industry learned the story of bodybuilding pioneer Joe Weider was headed to the big screen, all eyes were […]

Digital Muscle: The 100 Day Report

By Dan Solomon, Publisher (April 7, 2016) Fitness experts love to preach the virtues of patience.  They’ll remind us that sculpting a physique is a slow and steady process.  A journey. When we launched Digital Muscle, 100 days ago, the mindset was the same:  Slow and steady. Brick by brick. One day at a time. As it […]

Kai vs Cedric: How Close Was It?

[cs_section id=”” class=” ” style=”margin: 0px; padding: 0px; ” visibility=”” parallax=”false”][cs_row id=”” class=” ” style=”margin: 0px auto; padding: 0px; ” visibility=”” inner_container=”true” marginless_columns=”false” bg_color=””][cs_column id=”” class=”” style=”padding: 0px; ” bg_color=”” fade=”false” fade_animation=”in” fade_animation_offset=”45px” fade_duration=”750″ type=”1/1″][cs_text id=”” class=”” style=”” text_align=””]Our inbox here at Digital Muscle is loaded with questions surrounding “The close call in Columbus“.  The […]

The Story That Inspired the Joe Weider Movie

By Dan Solomon Publisher As many of you have already heard, the remarkable story of Joe Weider headed to the big screen for a 2018 release.  As a co-executive producer of the film, one of our objectives in the early stages of the project was to educate some of Hollywood’s most talented actors about Joe’s […]

Historic Day for Wheelchair Bodybuilding!

It was undeniably the most inspiring and emotional hour of the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival.  Co-promoted by Nick Scott, the inaugural Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilding Championship was a showcase for some of the most remarkable and dedicated athletes in the world.  DigitalMuscle.com is proud to share this exclusive presentation of an event that proved to be the talk […]


By Dan Solomon Publisher The announcement has taken the bodybuilding world by storm and the best of Hollywood is lining up. The world’s most celebrated showcase of physique transformation was held last month in Las Vegas,  Olympia Weekend, a tradition started by the man who changed the way the world views muscle.  Joe Weider died 4 years ago, […]

10 Facts Surrounding the IFBB Break-Up

By Dan Solomon Publisher I continue to receive questions about the NPC/IFBB Professional League’s split from the IFBB Amateur Federation. Here are some quick FACTS to help clarify a few things.  To be clear, these are not opinions. These are just facts.  I’ll leave the opinions to everyone else. 1  The IFBB Professional League is […]

Doing it our Own Way!!!

By Dan Solomon The bodybuilding media sub-culture is among the more quirky corners of the fitness industry.  It’s where I’ve made my living for the better part of two decades.  Along the way we’ve been asked to play by an unusual set of archaic, antiquated rules.  Many of them, the unwritten ones, have caused us […]

Bob Cicherillo’s Royal Event

By: Dan Solomon Publisher Fresh off his annual hosting gig at Olympia Weekend, bodybuilding’s reigning king of the podium is showing no signs of slowing down. Following the announcement that the NPC has ended its relationship with the IFBB’s Amateur Federation, there appears to be some exciting opportunities and Bob Cicherillo has positioned himself to take […]

Dan Solomon’s Olympia Reflection

By Dan Solomon Publisher I typically enter the building long before the crowds arrive, a world-class arena that hosts sporting events, concerts and just about anything suited for its 10,000 seat configuration. On this night the Orleans Arena, two miles off the Las Vegas trip, belonged to the event that crowns the top bodybuilder in the […]

Our Day at the DigitalMuscle.com Seminar

By Dan Solomon, Publisher The singular most endearing quality of the global fitness community is the passion and dedication shared by those who have committed to the lifestyle.  On Saturday, February 13th, we joined forces with longtime NPC/IFBB event promoter Tim Gardner for the inaugural Digital Muscle Athlete Seminar for a full day of knowledge, […]