A Digital Muscle Update: The 30 Day Report!

By Dan Solomon, Publisher

Editorial /Content Team Expansion Continues!

Superstore Set to Open Soon!

Production Crew Preparing for Arnold Classic Webcast!

Details for New Season of PBW Radio Coming This Week!


Well, it’s only been a month since we launched Digital Muscle and we’ve already eclipsed many of the goals our team originally set for the 3 month mark.  With the addition of a full time SEO/Marketing expert, our search engine strategies are well underway – great news for our growing family of content providers.  Speaking of content, this is an area that seems to spark some debate.

Our friends in the nutrition and science community have had some flattering things to say about the diverse assortment of topics found on the pages of Digital Muscle.  Some of the most respected members of the global fitness community have reached out.

While the feedback has been gratifying, not everyone is on the same page.

I recently spoke to a close friend and colleague who warned me of the risks of being “too diverse” as a content provider.  He explained that it’s best to keep serious bodybuilding as the “bread and butter” of Digital Muscle.  He noted that I’ve spent the last couple decades building relationships in the bodybuilding world and I’d be better off limiting content to the topics that appeal to that specific genre.  — In his defense, he might be right. Conventional wisdom usually tells us to focus on the things we know, avoiding the risk of creating confusion in the market place.

It’s no secret that my most recent gig in the fitness industry was a position as the Senior Features Editor atMuscular Development Magazine, a media outlet dedicated to things like striated glutes, quad sweeps and contest prep strategies.  If that sounds like a foreign language to you, you’re not alone.  Websites like the one at Muscular Development will continue to provide content for those who speak the language of hardcore bodybuilding.  And to some extent, we’ll continue to keep an eye on the bodybuilding scene.  Yes, I’m still a fan of the sport and I still produce the PBW bodybuilding radio show, set to begin its 12th year.   But our content model here at Digital Muscleis geared to a broader audience, the millions of active and inspired men and women who enjoy a full spectrum of nutrition, training, fitness, muscle building, and physique altering insight.

While this approach might not be celebrated by the hardcore crowd, it’s an approach that we’re committed to and it’s a direction that creates some great opportunities for content providers and for advertisers.

And here’s where things get a bit more interesting.  Many of our top contributors have actually built reputations in the world of hardcore bodybuilding, but in a strange twist they’re using their new platform here at Digital Muscle to expand their horizon, while showcasing the crossover value of their knowledge.   Take Chad Nicholls for example, one of the legendary bodybuilding gurus of our generation.  Chad’s recent article “The Power of C”examines the countless performance oriented benefits of Vitamin C supplementation, not the kind of thing a hardcore bodybuilding outlet would be interested in publishing.  But as it turns out, the article is loaded with great info, and it was last week’s most viewed item on the site – another example of the broad based content you’ll unearth here at Digital Muscle, from some of the most unlikely sources!

In the next few days we will announce more new contributors, some of the most respected members of the fitness, nutrition & bodybuilding communities.  I think you’re really gonna enjoy their contributions.

Our content mix is truly a work in progress and your feedback goes a long way toward helping us shape a destination we can all be proud of.  And if you think you’ve got the goods to contribute, send us a note ([email protected]).

Keep the feedback coming!!!

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