Report: The World Congress on Anti-Aging

By Dan Solomon

Last weekend in Hollywood, Florida, I had the rare privilege of attending the World Congress on Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, a pioneering organization co-founded by Dr. Bob Goldman.

The anti-aging movement is the fastest growing segment of the global health & wellness industry, but more importantly, its impact on conventional medicine is immeasurable. The Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)  is at the center of a revolution, an industry expected to reach $400 billion by the year 2030.

A personal thanks to Dr. Goldman and his incredible team at the A4M for the warm welcome. Below you’ll find remarks (provided by the A4M) recapping the event. I’ve also included a video below with more information about, one of the most established and credible online destinations in the world of anti-aging.

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Weekend Review (Courtesy of the A4M)

The 24th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine was a great success bringing together thousands of doctors from dozens of nations around the world. With more than 28,000 physicians and associated medical professional members of the Academy for Anti-aging Medicine (A4M), co-Founded by Dr Robert Goldman & Dr Ronald Klatz, the A4M Academy celebrates its 25th year since inventing, coining, and pioneering the movement at the Hollywood, Florida Diplomat Convention Center.

Anti-Aging Medicine continues to be not only the hottest topic in the medical world, it is now becoming the clear healthcare reform leader. With major US Healthcare Insurance companies such as United Healthcare, Humana, and many other “Blue Chip” Obama Care Affordable Healthcare Act anchors announcing they will pull out of Obamacare in 2017, this may be the end of Obama Care and the Disease Based Health Insurance HMO system that has been dictating our failing American healthcare services.

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At this International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine in Hollywood Florida that ended May, 2016, more than 80 presenters, hundreds of vendors, and thousands of physicians, scientists, and other healthcare leaders were in attendance to learn the latest medical breakthroughs with technologies ranging from genetic engineering, to nanotechnologies, to nontoxic cancer therapies, to orally available human growth hormone analogs, to computer based artificial intelligence medical diagnostics or AI, to an exploding volume of ground breaking and landmark research. With new investment into anti-aging/longevity sciences, in just the past two years billions of dollars from major pharmaceutical and bioscience companies recently joining the anti-aging medicine movement, along with the likes of Google, Johnson & Johnson, IBM’s Watson, Glaxo Smith, Kline, Nova, Nordisk, and many others, baby boomers are adopting the anti-aging medicine lifestyle.


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